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The Law Office of Richard M. Kenny is providing a free case evaluation and consultation to any NYC residents hurt in an automobile accident, particularly with a rideshare company like Uber or Lyft. Legal representation helps achieve a monetary award that covers damages and loss.

San Francisco startup Uber turn 8 years old this year. The Rideshare program has completely revolutionized the way folks travel in and around San Francisco, but also all the way to the East Coast and many stops in between. Recent New York City legislation has disrupted this disruptive force, from limiting the number of new drivers who can join, to regulating a minimum amount of pay the drivers can earn. However by and large this startup and others like it, including their top competitor Lyft, has overall been received well. Statistically, the presence of rideshare companies tends to correlate with a decrease in reticular accidents due to alcohol impairment, as they make procuring a ride a simpler and straightforward approach than traditional taxi companies.

However, they also represent a large number of relatively untrained drivers horning in on the traditionally trained commercial fleet of yellow cab drivers, seeking to make some extra money. Most major Rideshare companies ensure their drivers for between one half and one million dollars per incident, and when those drivers get into an accident that money should be available to cover damages – however most insurance companies seek to pay out as little as possible, and the injured parties can be denied sufficient compensation to cover their damages.

The Law Office of Richard M. Kenny specializes in all manner of injury accidents, and serves all residents of New York City, serving all boroughs, including Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Island, Manhattan, and Staten Island. In the boroughs of New York City, a free consultation can be had by contacting the Law Office of Richard M. Kenny at 212-421-0300 and speaking to an attorney specialist, or by visiting

A spokesman for the Law Office of Richard M. Kenny shared this comment, “The simple fact is that insurance companies are overall a great resource for helping to make sure that people are taken care of when there’s an accident, however they are economically motivated companies that don’t want to spend more than they must and often work aggressively to limit the total amount of a payout. This can leave injured parties with unpaid medical bills, and particularly leave them with debilitating injuries – often lifelong injury, which can affect their ability to work and find gainful employment, and when that happens they need a way to make sure they can provide for themselves. It is strongly advised that anybody who is injured in an accident with a Rideshare vehicle like Lyft or Uber seek legal counsel from a personal injury lawyer in New York City who specializes in these sorts of cases, and The Law Office of Richard M. Kenny is arguably the most highly-rated injury law office in the area which specializes in Rideshare issues and Uber and Lyft injuries.”

In the boroughs of New York City, contact the Law Office of Richard M. Kenny at 212-421-0300 and speak to an attorney specialist at no cost. More information can be found on their website,

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