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British Instagram influencer opens music label to help the up and coming

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British Instagram influencer ImJustBait's growing popularity doesn't seem to stop and his private music label "WEAREBLK" promises to help out new artists.

— Ask any British youth about an Instagram page they follow and one whose content they love and they'll all give one answer "ImJustBait". From just another regular meme account to a brand that's changed the game, an influencer whose reach spreads far and wide, reaching 2 million Instagram accounts every week, 79% of the followers being from London, 49% of which are aged 18-24 showing just how popular ImJustBait is with the growing generations, and one who's growth has been uncharted, unpredictable and uncontrollable. From a page that posted memes to a staple of British culture, truly ImJustBait's rise has been one for the history books.

The rise of the United Kingdom's music scene's popularity owes a large debt to the workings of ImJustBait. More specifically his brand, and an account he runs, @weareblkofficial which is the "newest and hottest label in the UK" promoting both new and upcoming British artists in a music scene and culture experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity, as well as competition. Whilst many turn a blind eye to the struggles of a come-up, fame didn't change ImJustBait. Although his presence as a social media influencer has never been in doubt, perhaps further solidified by his personal account @antz reaching half of a million followers showing his widespread fame and fan base, as well as the effectiveness of his brand, ImJustBait has consistently been helping and promoting aspiring talent to such a degree that he created a music label just for them, to help them better their personal situation.

A kind gesture like this comes from only the best of people, and ImJustBait certainly proves to be one of these, with many an account impersonating him and attempting to ride off his glory and achievements. Nonetheless, ImJustBait has been the center and one of the main causes of a rapid rise in popularity for a music scene often described as the "truest form of British music". Figure headed by ImJustBait, it seems the culture and the popularity will never stop growing or lose its popularity.

However, ImJustBait's rise to popularity has seen its negatives. From his account getting banned a few months ago, sending every British youth and British Twitter into a spiral to his blocking of popular, yet annoying, British band NSG so his comment section remains viewable, ImJustBait has seen both the positive and negative aspects of being as famous as he has become, and even though his national and personal brands show no signs of slowing down it is important to remember that the bigger ImJustBait grows, the more likely the whole of the British culture and vibe he promotes, the more we all benefit.

All the artists he shares, videos he posts and followers he has all have one thing in common; they encapsulate the culture of Britain we as citizens want to project to the rest of the world. Without ImJustBait and his label WEAREBLK, SD Muni's "The Start", which ImJustBait still has linked on his Instagram account, wouldn't have seen the high chart debut or popularity it received, and Muni isn't the only artist to benefit from ImJustBait. From the late, great Underrated Legend Cadet to the aforementioned NSG Music, a pattern has emerged. When ImJustBait succeeds, the culture of Britain succeeds.

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