Brilliant Bio Now Gift Template Helps Business Owners Attract Premium Clients in the New Year

05 January, 2015

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Bellevue, WA — With a New Year beginning, Business Bio Expert Nancy Juetten says now is the time to refresh business bios for optimal client attraction. “Creating know-like-trust at first glance without speaking a word is possible with a client-attracting business bio that does the talking,” Juetten says.

Today the solutions to what so many consumers and potential clients are looking for can be found in a quick internet search. The message that comes up quickly can make the difference between picking up the phone, sending an email, or clicking away. That is why creating know-like-trust at first glance matters.

When potential clients are seeking solutions to problems, they look for proven experts with whom they can wisely invest to give them relief to whatever is ailing them. Whether clients are seeking investment advice, medical care, or eyelash extensions, decisions to engage are often made in an instant based on the information found with the click of a mouse. Since first impressions are crucial, Juetten is offering her proven Brilliant Bio Now Template as a free download for a limited time. She also shares 8 tips for business owners to make that first glance count.

== Declare the intention to be major in the field with every social media profile, bio box, and speaker introduction.

“Showcase expertise in front of the name.” Juetten recommends. “That makes it a lot easier for potential clients to find what they are seeking in an internet search and through the referrals of champions who understand the expertise well enough to recommend it to others.”

== Convey credibility and a pattern of success over time. Juetten says that stunning, decisive results are the reason clients invest wisely to benefit from products, programs, and services.

“Showcase a consistent, ongoing pattern of accomplishments and relevant credentials to build confidence in skills and talents and inspire an immediate desire to do business,” she advises.

== Pack every profile with pizzazz, personality and a philosophy of doing business.

Clients invest in experts they know, like and trust, Juetten says. “A statement of philosophy, concise and compelling quotes from happy clients, and a statement around the reason for doing this work can make the bio stand out and ring true.”

== Photos matter.

== Be ready for opportunity whenever it knocks.

== Message consistency keeps buyer confusion at bay.

Juetten explains, “Make sure the stories shared across social media platforms, the ‘about me’ page on the website and the home page are consistent in communicating the ideal client, how the work makes a difference, and why the work matters. An inconsistent message is bound to confuse a potential buyer, and a confused buyer never buys.”

== Proofread.

== Share the story.

Juetten offers even more specifics and expert support to make business bios world-class and client attracting in an upcoming webinar that will share the 3 biggest bio blunders that even smart business owners make that prevent their ideal clients from hiring them. Claim a place at

About Business Bio Expert and Get Known to Get Paid Mentor Nancy Juetten

Nancy Juetten shows business owners how to get seen, heard, celebrated, and compensated for their expert status. Her systems and methods deliver new clients, prestigious speaking gigs, media interviews, and joint venture partnerships with thought leaders and influence builders worldwide, including Alex Mandossian, Sandra Yancey, Christine Kloser, Vinca Heart. She leads the “Worldwide Virtual Get Your Client Attracting Story Done Workshop” three times a year. The next one begins January 28, 2015. Download the Brilliant Bio Now gift template today at

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