Brain Tune Smoothie For Fatigue & Stress Nutraceutical Honey Program Launched

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Tune My Brain, LLC, announced that Brain Tune Honey Ashwagandha and Dr. Keerthy Sunder are being introduced to Freshii to create Brain Tune Smoothie. This new smoothie is made with organic whole ingredients that encourages brain optimization.

Dr. Keerthy Sunder at Tune My Brain, LLC, announced that Brain Tune Honey Ashwagandha is being introduced to Freshii to create Brain Tune Smoothie, a unique smoothie made exclusively with fresh brain healthy ingredients. Using his more than 20 years of medical experience, Dr. Sunder created the Brain Tune Sunder Method, which combines cutting-edge science with ancient Eastern wellness techniques for brain optimization.

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A person’s life is shaped and influenced by the experiences he or she has and these very experiences play a role in what one has yet to discover and learn. As such, learning how to manage life’s events and situations means knowing how to create one’s own personal destiny.

In order to achieve true happiness and the ability to control one’s destiny a person has to first become a peak performer. Peak performers are people who wish to optimize how their body works for them so they can pursue what they want in life more successfully, with fewer risks of setbacks and failures.

Tune My Brain, LLC provides a brain optimization program with the Sunder Method. This method includes meditation, modulation and nutrition with a unique nutraceutical honey, and helps people of all ages tune their brain and tune their life.

Regardless if one is a devout athlete, a student, a homemaker, or a professional, they have a right to achieve their highest potential and forget about the brain fog, fatigue, lack of energy and stress they feel during the day. Dr. Sunder and his special nutraceutical products will provide them with the organic whole ingredients to keep them supple, healthy and sharp.

A satisfied client said: “Each product is created with intention and for a purpose. What I like about the honey, turmeric, and Brain Shake is that they are truly MADE WITH CARE. This organization is mission-based, with Dr. Sunder’s decades of clinical experience behind it all. It’s the best of ‘East meets West’!”

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