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Wesley Virgin releases his Mind Hack Meditation that teaches people how to reprogram their brains and remove limiting beliefs about money and ambition to achieve the lifestyle they desire.

Wesley Virgin, serial entrepreneur and success mindset coach, releases his Mind Hack Meditation that reprograms the brain to accept success as a personal right. The meditation removes limiting beliefs about money, ambition, and goal-setting.

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When practiced every day, the meditation increases self-awareness and promotes a healthier, successful mindset. Wesley Virgin created the meditation to help anyone achieve the lifestyle they desire, not only in terms of finances but in personal relationships and health.

Emerging studies on the power of perception show that people who consider themselves successful have a different way of thinking. They often see success as a goal they can achieve rather than a dream they aspire. It is this nuanced thinking of success as something achievable that differentiates them from the general public.

Wesley Virgin releases this meditation as both its creator and beneficiary. After struggling at many points in his life, he finally became aware of the varied limiting beliefs he had about money and success. When he was able to change his thinking and perception, his life changed for the better, and he is now the owner of several financially-strong companies.

The Mind Hack Meditation is designed for anyone who wants to improve their self-awareness. While it is recommended for start-up business owners, established C-suite executives can also use meditation to improve their financial mindset.

Wesley Virgin emphasizes that success can mean different things to different people. The Mind Hack Meditation addresses this and encourages self-awareness in one’s finances, personal relationships, health, and any other area that creates a person’s identity.

Still, the Mind Hack Meditation is meant to be used every day. Self-awareness, according to Virgin, is a process, and meditation is only meant to be used as a tool to help with it. He encourages users to think of meditation as part of a healthier life instead of a quick-fix solution.

The Mind Hack Meditation continues Virgin’s mission to help people achieve whatever success they want.

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