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Botswana is among the countries to investigate, says Deon De Villiers, an organiser of customised safaris, and having done so, there are few people who would not add it to their travel bucket list.

Armchair travel: safari expert says Botswana is worth a closer look.

An effective Covid vaccine is now being rolled out across the globe, yet we may need to wait a little longer than the first quarter of 2021 to saddle up and get going. In the meantime, armchair travel remains the “go to” when satisfying our wanderlust for exploring exotic destinations. Botswana is among the countries to investigate, says Deon De Villiers, an organiser of customised safaris, and having done so, there are few people who would not add it to their travel “bucket list.”

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The biggest drawcard for visitors to Botswana is, of course, its wildlife and parks; considered by many as some of Africa’s best, for diversity of wildlife and pristine wilderness areas. Although the country has just four official National Parks, each is absolutely enormous such that over 25 per cent of the whole country has been designated specifically for conservation. The country’s wilderness areas span a variety of natural landscapes, each with their own wealth of differing wildlife. Of course, in addition to the national parks, there are a great many private reserves, many of them featuring everything from luxurious lodges, to bush camps and mobile safaris – to appeal to a broad range of tastes and wallets.

The bucket list “Big 5” – lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino are generally the stars of the show. But as dramatically stunning as they are – these are the tip of the iceberg in terms of the wild animals to be seen. Apart from various species of antelope, there are also giraffes, cheetah, hippo, hyenas and zebras, plus wild dogs, honey badgers, mongoose, and the famed meerkats to be seen. The natural diversity of Botswana doesn’t stop at the animals. Birds ranging from water-loving species to those preferring open savannah or even dry climate, and an interesting variety of reptiles to observe in their natural habitats too.

“It’s heaven for wildlife photographers and those who aspire to take that iconic picture of animals in their natural habitat, or even those whom wish to simply record the experience in their minds eye,” says De Villers who is well-known for his own wildlife photography efforts. Botswana – it is an inspiration for travellers or virtual travellers and dreamers…

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Although Botswana has to be seen in person to be fully believed, there’s much for armchair travellers to soak up from the comfort of their homes. Apart from the official Botswana tourism website, Deon De Villiers’ own Safari Guru website features magnificent images and explains just what people on safari in this magnificent country would experience.

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All this will make people dream of Africa and the adventures they can experience when they are finally able to throw off their lockdown shackles. “There will be quite a rush on luxury travel opportunities and bespoke adventures when we can be clearer on the lifting of travel restrictions,” says Deon. “Some people are already undertaking a flexible planning process in which we tailor the safari and make provisional reservations. That way, they can be sure of first options once travel is once again permitted.”

Whether it is just dreaming for now, or there are travellers that are itching to enjoy an overseas holiday once they are able to travel, Botswana, its people, its landscapes, and its wildlife are waiting. The virtual journey can start today. And, for those who can’t resist planning the holiday of a lifetime even if the dates remain uncertain, Deon is the man with the local knowledge and contacts to prepare an itinerary that will give them something to look forward to.

To add a little colour to the wildlife background, this Southern African country is among the most politically stable and least corrupt on the continent. Reflecting its long history as one of Africa’s oldest democracies, and the peaceful and easy-going nature of its people. Several distinct tribes speaking variants of the flowing Tswana language and having distinct variations in cultural practices, coexist in harmony here. However, English, as the national language is widely spoken and this factor is a big contributor to the country’s success as a tourism destination and is sure to continue to reassure travellers once international tourism resumes.

The national dish, known as “seswaa” is a simple recipe in which meat is cooked on the bone with salt as a tenderising agent before being pounded into fragments. The meat is served on stiffened maize meal, often with “Marog,” a green, leafy vegetable that could be from one of several plant species less known in the Western world, among these, Amaranthus. A variety of other dishes make up the cuisine of Botswana with beef, lamb, and beans as well as the ever-present maize meal being favourite ingredients.

Of course, Western cuisine is also well-known here, with many safari lodges and camps catering to all tastes through their own unique fusion of international variants.

On the arts front; distinctive music, traditional dancing, uniquely interesting wood carvings and sculptures, and basket weaving recognised as being among the best in the world. When you’re in camp you will experience much of this local talent – as Botswanans love to sing and dance. Certainly, jewellery, often incorporating intricate beadwork, is much sought after – both among locals and the tourists who admire it.

For more information visit the African Travel Specialist | Safari Guru website or call Deon De Villiers and his team of experts on (+61) 0427 782 226.

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