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Blueweight Biotech’s Probiotics Helping Indian Aqua Farmers Achieve Higher Yield

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These Aqua Farmers from different States of India Says They Finally Found The Probiotic That Has Helped Biofloc Fish Farming

— Indian Aqua farmers who have been dealing with high ammonia and less floc formation in their ponds have found solution in Blueweight Biotech's probiotic products Ammo-free 99 and Everfresh Pro

With the application of these products, yields have been increasing. Some of them found out they are able to deal with all sorts of water quality problems with the help of these products.

For example, a farmer from Bengal said he had serious issues with Ammonia, Hydrogen sulphide. After using the Ammonia control Probiotic, the production of the toxic gases reduced and that improved his yield.

Fish farmers are also happy that they are getting the products delivered to them very quickly, after online purchase in Amazon India.

"Running an aquatic farm can be challenging without the help of quality products to help combat the impact of water toxicity. Since I started using the Everfresh Pro Aqua Probiotics, things have gotten better for me. I decided to try it out because the manufacturer said it contains 15 billion CFU/gm in the Bacillus Subtilis, Bacillus Licheniformis, Bacillus Megaterium, and Bacillus Pumilis. I added 500gm of this beneficial bacteria into 10,000 liters Tank, once in every week and it helped increase nitrogen wastes utilization, and speed up the Flocculation. The Ammonia control Probiotic also improved water quality in the pond and works up to the bottom of the tank," said Venu Y, a shrimp farmer from Orissa.

Shrimp farmers and fish farmers have also benefited a lot from the Ammo-free 99 product, especially in the area of controlling odor and making the nitrogen cycle more efficient. Most fishes and aquatic animals will thrive in a Dissolved Oxygen or DO range of 5-12 mg/L (ppm). If that falls to let's say 4 mg/L, they become stressed and start to die.

"The inclusion of Ammo-free 99 helped increased DO levels so that fishes become more comfortable, feed well, and grow fast. Once in every week, applying Ammo-free 99 1lit/acre and Everfresh Pro 500gm/Acre, alternatively has shown better results. It removed pollution, broke down organic flocks, and promoted the fast reduction of toxic gases like Ammonia, Hydrogen sulphide, from our ponds. I found these both water and soil probiotic online on the recommendation from a senior shrimp Technician," says a farmer from Andhra Pradesh.

Learn more about the importance of water and soil probiotics here.

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