Blessyns Alopecia Mental Health Foundation Launches Nat’l Nonprofit Day Project

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Blessyns Alopecia Mental Health Foundation has launched a new campaign ahead of National Nonprofit Day. They welcome support, sponsors and grant writers as they seek to provide help and guidance for alopecia sufferers.

Blessyns Alopecia Mental Health Foundation has launched a new range of products to allow anyone to show their support ahead of National Nonprofit Day. These include “Black Lives Matter” water bottles, T-shirts, and cloth face masks for people to stay safe during the pandemic.

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Blessyns Alopecia Mental Health Foundation (BAMHF) is a premier nonprofit organization and is committed to helping children and adults who are living with hair loss due to all forms of alopecia areata or mental health disorder.

They are located in Washington DC and work throughout the metropolitan area, along with Maryland and Virginia. The goal is to spread alopecia and mental health awareness. The organization aims to work together to help others overcome and heal from any psychological trauma they may be experiencing as a result of bullying or other factors associated with the condition.

Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that causes the body’s immune system to target and attack healthy cells. This can often aggressively cause the hair follicles not to grow. Hair can also start to fall out, either in small circles or larger areas.

There are three types of alopecia, including Alopecia Areata Patchy, Alopecia Areata Totalis, and Alopecia Areata Universalis. Patchy causes small portions of hair loss, Totalis results in total hair loss on the scalp, while Universalis results in total loss of hair over the body.

This leads many sufferers to have to seek hair fall solutions and hair loss treatments for women, hair regrowth solutions for men, and male pattern baldness treatment.

National Nonprofit Day recognizes the goals and positive impacts that nonprofits have on communities and the world. The occasion recognizes any and every cause around the world, reminding people of the good that can come when society works together.

BAMHF states: “Our goal is to assist our community members that have these conditions to learn how to overcome the emotional distress, learn how to accept it, and teach them coping mechanisms so they will gain the courage to embrace their mental health challenges.”

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