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Black Label Sauces Launches Campaign To Bring New Level Of Flavor To Barbecue World

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Black Label Sauces provides superior sauces with emphasis on perfect blend of heat and flavor.

— According to statistics from the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association, 86 percent of American households own a grill or smoker; furthermore, 99 percent of those who own outdoor cooking equipment use it on a regular basis, making barbecue the most popular form of food in the United States. While some argue the type or cut of meat being cooked, the temperature at which it is grilled or the amount of time it spends in the smoker has the largest influence on taste, most agree the sauce is truly what makes all the difference. In an effort to revolutionize the world of barbecue, Black Label Sauces has launched a campaign to bring an entirely new level of flavor to barbecue aficionados throughout the country.

Keith Baxter, founder of Black Label Sauces, confirmed, "Our Black Label Whiskey BBQ Sauce makes a great final touch for chicken, pork or beef, adding an extra intensity you just can't get from sauces you find on the grocery store shelf. Having been a part of New Orleans high society for over 100 years, our sauces are low sodium, gluten and preservative free, and perfect for any open pit, smoker, grill or oven roasted main course. Words simply can not describe the essence we've bottled up; this is one of those flavors you simply have to experience for yourself!"

The company also offers their own unique recipe of hot salsa, which has been deemed a perfect mate for chips as an appetizer while waiting for barbecue to cook to perfection. Though salsa has risen to the ranks of the most popular condiment in America, many consumers hold a number of complaints regarding traditional store bought salsas. Many are disappointed with the lack of freshness, the blandness of mild versions and the overpowering heat ratio of medium and hot options. Black Label Hot Salsa offers a hint of heat from chilies with an immediate cooling sensation brought on by the fresh tomatoes, providing an exact balance of spice and flavor.

Black Label Sauces also offers a variety of hot sauces for an extra spicy topper on dishes or an interesting addition to an array of recipes from meats to soups and stews. Like their barbecue sauces and salsa, these hot sauces are created in small batches using only superior ingredients without the use of gluten and unnecessary preservatives. All their products are low in sodium and provide an exceptional boost to any meal or appetizer without presenting an unbearable level of heat.

Concluded Baxter, "Our Whiskey BBQ sauce was the hands down winner in a taste test with 9 other sauces, and our salsa has just enough kick to scream chilies but not enough to make you turn red from the heat. Our hot sauces are so versatile, they'll quickly become your go-to sauce for any meal that needs a little boost. My mission is to generate 1 million raving fans of our products. With the unique and amazing flavors of our sauces, they will easily sell themselves!"

About Black Label Sauces:
Originally inspired by his grandmother's cooking and his intense love of food, Keith Baxter found himself disappointed with the blandness of the majority of foods he discovered during his travels with the Air Force. After being forced to remedy this by carrying a bottle of Tabasco Sauce with him, he eventually participated in cooking classes and began to develop his own line of flavorful sauces. Black Label Sauces came to fruition, and he now shares his unique, superior brand with the world.

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Organization: Black Label Sauces
Phone: (281) 891-3826

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