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Billige Traepiller Launches To Keep Home Fires Burning Economically In Denmark This Winter

Billige Traepiller is a website dedicated to the discussion of firewood and alternative fuel sources for home fires to heat houses more economically than ever before.

— Many homes in Denmark rely on wood burning stoves to heat their homes in the winter, and with one of the most aggressive winters in years scheduled to hit the country this year, many are stocking up on firewood. However, wood burning does have ecological consequences and many are looking to alternative fuel sources to try and be more environmentally friendly. Billige Traepiller is a new blog for concerned Danes that offers up ideas and suppliers for alternative fuel sources that promise a more efficient burn with more environmentally friendly emissions.

The blog ( has recently published new content on fire pellets, which use compressed recycled wood to create a slow burning effect with reduced CO2 emissions relative to burning natural wood. This is a new alternative following their recommendation of Briketter ( who create compressed bricks of wood shavings, which offer more energy efficient and green heating properties than electricity or oil.

The site has a great many other editorials including help and advice on optimizing the efficiency of a stove heating system, an FAQ answering many of the most common questions asked by Danes, and a section on traditional firewood, recommending wood types such as beech and ash for the best fuel economy.

A spokesperson for Billige Traepiller explained, “The wooden pellets and briquettes we recommend work by condensing the fuel source and removing a lot of the air within them, which slows down their rate of consumption. Many fire woods burn too hot and too fast to be used efficiently for home heating, where Traepiller and Briketter products burn more slowly and evenly, warming the home to a comfortable level for a long period of time, and preventing undulations from high heat to cold that can cause problems for pipes, windows, and other aspects of the home.”

About Billige Traepiller:
Billige Traepiller is a new site with information on firewood, wooden pellets and wooden briquettes written for the Danish market. Danes can learn how to get the most out of their firewoods, tips on what to look out for when buying online and guides to building their own wood rack using economical alternatives to raw wood including Traepiller and Briketter.

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Organization: Billig Træpiller
Phone: +45 98123111

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