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Best Wok Buyers Guide Website Launched In Light Of Soaring Asian Cuisine Popularity

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New Best Wok Buyers Guide offers free advice to those aspiring to create authentic Chinese dishes.

— Recent studies reveal Chinese cuisine is currently the most popular ethnic food in the United States, dominating 43 percent of the food service industry. With the popularity of many Asian dishes reaching beyond restaurants into American homes, countless people are now on a quest to achieve restaurant-style results in their own kitchens. Since the wok is a basic tool in Asian cooking, those taking part in this movement find themselves baffled over which one is best. In light of this dilemma, Chinese cuisine authority Mike Rame has launched the Best Wok Buyers Guide website.

Explained Rame, "Countless woks have appeared on the market, and many of them are high quality products, but to produce dishes with an authentic taste and appearance, a number of factors need to be considered. Material, size, handle shapes and even the heat source to be used all play into choosing the right option. I created my website to provide free advice to anyone who is looking to buy a wok. The different types are discussed as well as the benefits and disadvantages of each."

Traditional round bottom woks were initially designed to for use over a fire; therefore, they are the most appropriate choice for gas stoves. Supplemental grates or wok rings are recommended. Flat bottom woks tend to work best with induction stoves because they produce higher amounts of heat than their electric counterparts. Rame noted electric stoves typically do not produce the heat required for stir frying, but a flat bottom wok can be used for other purposes.

As another consideration, composition is also important when choosing a wok. In most cases, carbon steel offers the most advantages. This material is lightweight and can withstand the high temperatures necessary for Asian style cooking. Non-stick coatings are not recommended due to their effect on food flavor. Cast iron versions work well, but they tend to be too heavy for tossing food. Ceramic and aluminum were among the least favorite options.

Regarding size, 10" to 14" models are best for home use based on the number of people eating. Rame mentioned handles are largely a personal choice. One handle is usually sufficient; however, some find 2 handles facilitate braising, stewing, making soups and creating heavily sauced dishes. Wooden handles are suggested because they do not hold heat as metal ones do.

Rame concluded, "Ultimately, the right wok should be appropriate for the type of stove being used and the number of people being served. An electric wok seems to present the same lack of even heat as electric stoves, but some models are better than others. Price is inevitably a factor, but a quality option can be found to meet pretty much any budget. My website,, offers a great deal more details as well as my ratings for various models."

About Best Wok Buyers Guide:
The Best Wok Buyers Guide is the source to answer questions about selecting, buying, caring for and cooking with any type of wok.

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