Best Glucosamine Dog Arthritis Joint Supplement, Dental Chews & Care for Dogs

07 September, 2020

A dog is a man’s best friend. Taking care of our furry buddies by scheduling regular vet clinic visits is essential: it ensures that they are in tiptop health year-round. Many dogs are highly active pets that love to run around the yard and play fetch, and every dog loves to go for a walk at the park or around the block. This active spirit is a good sign of a healthy dog, but it may take a toll on the joints as the years go by.

Just like us humans, the tissue fluid found between the joints wears down due to various reasons. This fluid is vital because it ensures that the joint is sufficiently lubricated for ease of movement. It also provides cushioning for the joints from external trauma or shock. Disease and old age are also causative factors for arthritis in dogs. To prevent or control arthritis, add dog joint supplements to their regular diet.

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In this article, we discuss in detail the best glucosamine for dogs and arthritis joint supplements for your pet and why it is the ideal choice for your pets’ health-care schedule.

What Is Glucosamine?

Glucosamine is a vital component of the joints, specifically the synovial fluid that fills the spaces between the joint cartilage and the bones it connects. The cartilage is responsible for cushioning the joints and providing lubrication. Glucosamine’s production is steady until the cartilage in the joints starts wearing out. Its levels reduce drastically, and at this point, introducing glucosamine dental chews for dogs is essential.

Benefits of Dog Arthritis Supplements

Numerous studies have been conducted on the benefits of glucosamine supplements over the years. Thanks to these studies, scientists have learned about the multiple advantages of adding a glucosamine supplement to your dog’s diet. Some of them include:

Prevention of Arthritis

Intake of glucosamine has been shown to slow down the progression of arthritis in dogs. The supplement boosts the synovial fluid and the cartilage function, keeping the joints flexible, healthy and strong even in old age.

Joint Lubrication

Slightly different from above, glucosamine boosts proteoglycan production, a vital component of synovial fluid. Proteoglycan is essential for maintaining the joints’ vitality and protecting the resiliency of the connective tissues.

Eases Discomfort

Not only does glucosamine help the joints function better, but it has also been shown to reduce inflammation, one of the major signs of arthritis. If your dog prefers to sit in one position the whole day and barely moves or plays around the house, book an appointment with your vet to have it checked for possible inflammation from arthritis.

Encourage Mobility

Glucosamine promotes the good health of the joints allowing ease of movement. If you have noticed that your dog lags or is not as enthusiastic about walks as before, it could sign a lack of glucosamine. Once you introduce it as a supplement, you will notice that your dog will become more active. Arthritis also renders the dog immobile due to the pain between the joints during movement.

Repairs Damaged Cartilage

Glucosamine supplements with chondroitin sulfate have been shown to reverse and repair damaged cartilage in the body. The damage may be caused by other issues other than age, such as diseases and excessive shock. Not many Glucosamine supplements brands in the market have this additive, and so it’s essential to confirm this before buying. If your dog or pup is diagnosed with damaged cartilage, check your choice supplement has this sulfate compound.

Combined Perks

Not many pet-lovers know what ‘MSM’ on your supplement label on the bottle means or why it is added, or why your vet recommends it. MSM, methylsulfonylmethane, is as essential as any other additive in the best joint supplement for dogs. It acts as a sulfur source and is found on grain, fruits, vegetables, and milk. MSM has anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits. It also boosts the production of collagen. Together with glucosamine, MSM eases any discomfort in the body by reducing inflammation, supporting joint flexibility, and promoting mobility so that your furry friend can live pain-free.

When to Administer Dental Chews for Dogs Glucosamine Supplements

If you own a dog or a puppy, you might be wondering which is the right time to start administering glucosamine supplements. We advise that you visit your vet first before giving your dog any type of supplements or any drug. Check to see if your dog is showing any of these signs and symptoms:

Strains when standing up or sitting down
Gets tired after a short walk
Has a hard time climbing up the stairs
Limps or struggles to move around the house
Prefers using one specific leg
Swelling around the joint areas
An audible crack or pop sound when walking

The signs and symptoms listed above may be a result of aging or disease. As a dog grows older, the cartilage and the synovial fluid wears out progressively. However, in some cases, the dog may be born with certain bone deformities. Other times, it may be due to mild bone injury, hence no need to administer any drugs or supplements.

Dogs of all ages can use some glucosamine supplement brands. If your vet prescribes a supplement, check to see if it is safe for your dog, depending on how old it is.

Best Joint Supplement for Dogs

Every pet-owner desires to give their furry friend the best health-care and support in the world. TBI Pro dental chews for dogs are carefully formulated soft chews made using glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM. These joint supplements help strengthen ligaments, stimulate bone tissue growth, and reduce inflammation to help keep your pet active and comfortable even as they age. This top-brand joint supplement with glucosamine for dogs is made with a natural duck and chicken flavor. The combination makes it a tasty dog treat that will make your furry friend begging for more. You need not hide the chews from them or worry about stomach problems.

Additionally, the glucosamine for small and large dogs supplements are suitable for all dog breeds and ages. The joint chews for dogs are formulated to help support hip and joint pain for older dogs while encouraging them to stay active and enjoy life. Made in clean, state-of-the-art factories with strict adherence to hygiene throughout the processing line, each soft chew’s purity and safety is guaranteed.

All ingredients are organically-sourced. Some of these natural ingredients include pea flour, flaxseed, eggshell, rice bran, and rosemary extract. No additives, preservatives, or artificial chemicals are added to the veterinarian formulated and quality control guidelines followed from the source to the processing line.

In Conclusion

TBI Pro dog joint supplements are packed with chondroitin and glucosamine for optimal health for your dogs, both small and large. The supplement also promotes canine care while relieving pain and inflammation from arthritis.

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