Best Expert Chicago’s Junk Car Buyers Offer Most Cash Free Removal For Junk Cars

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Chicago's Junk Car Buyers, a licensed & insured Chicagoland junk car buyer and recycling company, offers the most cash with free removal and towing of junk vehicles in Chicago & Northwest Indiana.

Licensed and insured, Chicago’s Junk Car Buyers is a Chicagoland based junk car buyer and recycler, who has specialized in junk car buying, junk car removal and junk car towing for over a decade, and offers the most cash as well as free same day removal and towing of unwanted junk vehicles.

More information or a Free Quote Form can be found at:

The site explains that Chicago’s Junk Car Buyers has a reputation for excellent junk car removal service in the local area. The team is licensed and insured, and is known for providing the best prices for unwanted or end of life vehicles.

Chicago’s Junk Car Buyers has been in the Junk Car business for more than a decade and has bought and picked up tens of thousands of junk vehicles in their local neighborhoods. Their business is buying, removing and recycling all types of vehicles including cars, trucks, vans, minivans and SUV’s, in any condition; running, not running, wrecked or totaled and with title or no title. They have the capability of removing junk vehicles from virtually any location in the Chicagoland area, including but not limited to the home, place of employment or side of a road where the vehicle has broken down.

What separates this junk car buyer and removal specialist from the others in the area is that they offer top dollar and free same-day service to the entire Chicagoland area. This means that anyone wanting to get rid of their junk car fast and get top dollar, can get in touch with them knowing they’ll get the fastest and best service.

Customers can sell their unwanted vehicles in 2 ways. They can either call the toll free number, or fill out the Free Quote form, both of which are located on the Chicago’s Junk Car Buyers website, accept the offer that’s provided, and collect their money.

What’s extremely interesting to note, the site goes on to explain, is that according to The Automotive Recycler’s Association (ARA), founded in 1943, “Approximately 86% of a vehicles material content is recycled”, and “every new ton of steel made from scrap steel, conserves 2,500 lbs. of iron ore, 1,400 lbs. of coal and 120 lbs. of limestone”, and “each year the industry collects and reuses or recycles an estimated 8 million gallons of gasoline, 24 million gallons of motor oil, 8 million gallons of engine coolant, 5 million gallons of windshield washer fluid and 96% of all lead acid batteries”.

Chicago’s Junk Car Buyers is proud to let you know that they recycle every junk vehicle according to strict EPA guidelines and in an environmentally friendly way. Full details can be found on the URL above.

Chicago’s Junk Car Buyers services the entire Chicagoland area including Chicago, the surrounding suburbs and Northwest Indiana.

Contact Info:
Name: Nick Ferraro
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Organization: Chicago's Junk Car Buyers
Address: 14255 South Western Avenue, Dixmoor, Illinois 60406, United States
Phone: +1-800-343-4170

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