Bespoke Whiskey Barrel Custom Flavor Alcohol Strength Creation Website Launched

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A new bespoke whiskey bottle creation service is now available, allowing both novices and connoisseurs to create their own fully personalized whiskey.

Designer Dram, a new bespoke whiskey service, announced its official launch. The company allows customers to create a fully personalized whiskey by customizing the barrel selection – and thereby flavor profile – label and alcohol strength of their whiskey.

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The first service of its kind, Designer Dram aims to provide whiskey seekers with full control over the creation of their custom bottle of whiskey, from the comfort of their home. The solution is an affordable and efficient alternative to working with a distillery to create a personalized whiskey barrel, a process which may take years and cost more than $5,000.

Using the new website, customers can create a unique flavor profile by combining bourbon, rye, wheat and malt whiskies in the proportion that meets their preferences, with over 21,000 possible combinations currently available. The whiskey has been aged between four to ten years to guarantee high standards of quality and complexity.

For customers interested in expert guidance creating their own blend, Designer Dram provides a custom Palate Test that helps them pre-fill their whiskey bottle based on their preferred flavors. Customers can choose from various tastes including a selection of fruits, aromatics, spices and grains. The website automatically creates a recommended barrel allocation based on the customer’s selection.

The new website also allows whiskey enthusiasts to choose between two alcohol strengths – 43% and 47%, the former providing a smoother, more diverse flavor and the latter providing a more concentrated, robust flavor profile. Finally, customers can design a personalized label by choosing the label style, monogram, label text, and creating a name for their whiskey.

Orders come in premium packaging featuring a luxurious carafe with an exquisite glass closure that makes for a valuable décor piece after the whiskey is finished.

A Designer Dram spokesperson said: “Our mission is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to craft and enjoy a whiskey that is made for their palate. This is the ultimate experience for the whiskey novice or connoisseur and gives new meaning to the words custom, bespoke, craft and luxury.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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