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Beard- Is it the New Turn On? Latest Research Gives the answer.

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With Great Beard Comes Great Responsibility! The New Manly code includes a Beard in the Persona but is it just a passing trend a fad or women really do find a man with a beard more attractive and masculine. Latest Research has the answers.

— Growing a Beard has started to quietly trend since the past few years. In the 20th century, the beard was not so popular n trendy as many regarded it as a symbol of roughness and being unkempt and uncivilized. But now in 21st century, keeping a beard has come into its own to the extent that lately it’s like an additive, a gem to the overall masculine persona.

The fact that lots of celebrities are keeping beard has also inspired common folks to replicate it. And to top it all, according to the latest research conducted by Journal of Evolutionary Biology, the men wearing a beard are found to be more attractive to women than men with clean shave. This research news is also inspiring lots of men to grow a beard.

The research was conducted by showing two photos of male, one with the beard and other with clean shaved, to 8500 women. The women were asked to select the hottest among the two men. The results were very much impressive for men with beard as around 6830 women selected them as hottest. Journal of Evolutionary Biology also reported that majority of these women also stated that men with beard look healthier compared to those who are clean shaved.

Beard is straightforwardly associated with masculinity as it brings manly feeling in the men and also creates an appeal. Vogue, a premier lifestyle magazine, has listed top 5 beard styles for this year.

1.Short Hairs with Full Beard
The combination of short hairs with the full-length beard is rated best by the magazine. In this style, the upper hairs are kept short while the facial hairs are kept long and fuller.

2.Low fade haircut with Full Beard
This style of beard is classic and quite attractive. The upper hair is cut in low fade while the beard is kept fuller, covering the jaws and chin.

3.Full beard with bald head
This style was not popular few years back but now it is trending enormously. In this style, the head is kept bald and the facial hair is grown fuller.

4.Beard with Fade
This styling can be done in two ways. First one is where the sideburns are tapered down to fade into the beard. In the second pattern, the beard is shape defined to make it stand out from the skin.

5.Short Beard Style
This beard style seems as if someone has played with the beard in a geometrical manner. In this styling, the beard is trimmed short and given a sharp-edged shape.

However, another important aspect of men grooming is that, it has never been easy for men to understand the trends in fashion, appearance and looks and what looks best for them. The earlier lack of enthusiasm and focus on self-grooming and persona also resulted in the fact that there were very few or no resources or avenues for understanding and knowing latest trends and developments in grooming options for men. But the Millennium man aka the modern man is out to change it and is doing it with a vengeance.

My Beard Guy a website created by a young man, David Garner, was so upset with lack of resources for male grooming and the information on latest trends that he started to research a lot to gather information about various grooming tips for men and decided to share with others through his blog My Beard Guy.

This blog for men offers premium and vital grooming and beard styling tips for men who are either in search for that or are confused with their styles and looks. Along with tips and advice, My Beard Guy also reviews and showcases some of the best beard care products on the market.

Though beard has become an essential part of men persona and therefore it has become a trend to grow the beard to look attractive and manly. It is very important to take good care of your facial hair and maintain it regularly.

My Beard Guy gives you those vital tips that you can follow to grow, maintain and nourish your beard. The website showcases some of the best beard products such as beard oils, beard creams and bread sprays.

It is said that with a great beard, comes great responsibility hope the Millennium man is up to the challenges faced.

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