Bathtub Refinishing Pros now Offering Tub Resurfacing Services in Cypress TX

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A refinished bathtub is just as good in appearance and function as one that's new and costs thousands more, in the eyes of most homeowners. Cypress, TX customers now have this service available to them thanks to the team at Bathtub Refinishing Pros.

When it comes to things that are used very often and held in high importance in a home, the bathtub is certainly near the top of most people’s lists. That makes having a damaged, unsightly, or dangerous bathtub a real problem. The good news is an expensive replacement is not the only route open. Bathtub Refinishing Pros – Cypress TX are deeply experienced in offering the best in bathtub refinishing services, at very affordable prices. The company, who have a well established reputation in Houston and beyond, recently announced they have expanded their service range to now also include Cypress, TX and the surrounding areas.

“We couldn’t be more excited about serving the Cypress community,” remarked a spokesperson from Bathtub Refinishing Pros. “We know that every time we come in a home and refinish their tub we are saving a family a great deal of money they can use gainfully elsewhere. It’s a real win-win and we take huge pride in our work and delivering a superior product.”

According to the company, not only will refinishing a bathtub bring it back up to “like-new” quality, it will also add to its total life for a full 12 all the way to 15 years, something quite impressive considering the price of the service. Doing a bathtub refinishing job is also quite convenient and is completed in days, so a person or family is not forced to deal with bathing elsewhere or having to rotate their schedule around that of the Bathtub Refinishing Pros workers’ for an extended period of time.

The most common problems bathtub refinishing can solve for customers in Cypress, TX include making up for a lack of budget for a new bathtub, updating colors & finish, getting rid of mold and grout lines, fixing cracked fiberglass, removing stains, making sure there are no leaks large or small, and much, much more.

Feedback from both Houston and new Cypress, TX customers has been nothing but thumbs up.

Frank L., from Cypress, recently said, “Our family has had the same bathtub for ten years and it just wasn’t the same. The prices for a new one were not appealing at all so I gave Bathtub Refinishing Pros a shot. Our bathtub is like new and we saved enough money to keep me smiling for a very long time. Five-stars and fully recommended.”

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