Base Sync Augment Suite Of Timesheet and Reporting Products With Crane Sync Feature Set

Base Sync has created Crane Sync, an adaptation of their revolutionary base sync app system ideally suited to crane and heavy machinery companies.

— Managing a logistics based business can a huge challenge, as so many elements have to be carefully managed and choreographed in order to ensure the smooth running of a business, which can then be upset at any time by unexpected developments from road works to break downs to late deliveries, all of which can have a huge knock-on effect. In order to keep on top of these developments, logistics companies need as much information as possible and an efficient means by which to process and apply that knowledge effectively. Base Sync provides just that, with a comprehensive suite of mobile applications offering in depth data and management services from a smart phone.

Base Sync offers timesheet management, task tracking, plant management, fuel card management, checkpoint monitoring using GPS, instant messaging for logistics-based businesses and custom feature sets to match the specific requirements of the business.

Crane Sync is one such customized adaptation of the Base Sync software that shows how it can be readily adapted to meet the needs of the construction industry, using the same core functionality in unique ways optimized for specific needs and requirements.

A spokesperson for Base Sync explained, “Crane Sync is the first in what we are sure will be many permutations of Base Sync optimized for different business areas. We have created a powerful and flexible set of tools that allow people on the move to manage people and resources that are also on the move, giving businesses the edge that will make all the difference: responsiveness. The ability to know at a glance where fleets are and what progress they’ve made, what challenges they face and what changes are required means logistics companies can be more flexible and efficient than ever, while offering the ultimate in client transparency and faster billing. Like all our applications the focus is on allowing businesses to manage their staff efficiently, identifying inefficiencies in staffing in real time so businesses can quickly take action to improve their bottom line immediately.”

About Base Sync:
Base Sync is a range of mobile and cloud based applications that help improve efficiency and reduce waste in business. Base Sync offer fully hosted and secure applications that do not place any burden on existing IT systems, and require no changes to infrastructure, simply requiring a standard web browser and smart phones or mobile devices. Base Sync improves efficiency and provides enhanced real time reporting allowing better and timelier decision making.

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