Barbecue Grill Smoker Tube Long Lasting Wood Chip Smoked Food Kit Launched

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A newly launched smoker tube for barbecues and grills has been launched, called the Trojan Grill Ultimate Smoker. It can be used on any barbecue to get high quality results.

A new barbecue and grill smoker tube kit has been launched, called the Trojan Grill Ultimate Smoker Tube Complete Kit. It is a patent pending, specially designed smoker tube that can be used on any barbecue or grill for high quality smoking and great-tasting results.

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The newly launched, uniquely designed smoker tube works with any grill or smoker, and produces more smoke for longer than its competition. In addition to this, the design means that it distributes smoke more evenly.

Smoke can be distributed without rolling around dangerously on the grill, racks, tray, mat or griddle top.

Customers just have to open the cap at one end, which provides access for safe and easy filling and lighting. The closed cap at the other end keeps the wood pellets inside, limiting air flow to maximize smoke production.

Customers looking for the best type of smoker for beginners will find a range of benefits to the Trojan Grill Ultimate Smoker Tube.

One of the key advantages to the new product is that it is made from high quality, durable stainless steel. This means that it is rust and heat resistant.

Because it features a “PATENT PENDING NO ROLL DESIGN”, it can keep wood pellets smoldering for longer for better results.

The team states: “Trojan Grill smoker boxes are compatible with all propane, electric, gas, charcoal, hardwood pellet grills, egg grills, infrared cooker and smokers, or any other type of outdoor barbecue grill including bullet, offset, kettle drum and barrel barbecues.”

The newly launched box set includes a large, 12 inch smoker tube, instructions, and additional accessories like the hanging hooks, pipe cleaner brush, recipe book and more.

To use, customers just have to fill the smoke tube with their favorite wood pellets, chips or sawdust. From there, they can ignite the wood with a lighter, and stand the tube on their barbecue, tray or griddle.

Full details of the new smoker can be found on the URL above. Customers can buy on Amazon by visiting:

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