Award Winning Death by Chocolate Vape Juice Flavor: HPHC Tested & Released

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Natural and organic vape juice specialists Kai's Virgin Vapor have released a restock of the company’s award-winning flavor Death by Chocolate. Independent lab tests found the flavor to have no detectable harmful and potentially harmful constituents, showing this to be an exceptionally pure formulation.

Kai’s Virgin Vapor, a retailer of natural and organic vape juices manufactured in Sonoma County, California, has re-released their award-winning vape juice flavor, Death by Chocolate, after being out of stock due to supply chain interruptions caused by COVID-19.

The company is proud to announce that, like all of the company’s vape juice flavors, Death by Chocolate has completed a full battery of lab tests looking for the FDA’s complete list of Harmful and Potentially Harmful Constituents (HPHC’s). The HPHC list contains the compounds found in e-juice that the FDA has identified as being potentially detrimental to human health. Death by Chocolate was found to contain no detectable HPHC’s, including no detectable heavy metals, diacetyl, pentanedione, acetoin or any other compound of concern identified by the FDA. This marks Death by Chocolate as an exceptionally pure formulation. It joins a roster of other flavors manufactured by the company with similarly exceptional lab test results.

More details can be found at Kai’s Virgin Vapor:

Despite recent regulations requiring a Premarket Tobacco Product Application (PMTA) to be submitted to the FDA for the sale of vape products, many companies continue to manufacture untested vape juices. Kai’s Virgin Vapor is committed to providing high-quality, award-winning, natural and organic vape flavors that are fully compliant with FDA standards.

Kai’s Virgin Vapor’s core values of transparency and integrity mean that vape juice test results are posted publicly on the company’s website. This allows customers to make informed decisions regarding products that affect their health. Kai’s Virgin Vapor has for many years been one of the only vape manufacturers in the United States that regularly test their products for compounds of concern and publicly post the results.

Kai’s Virgin Vapor’s direct extraction process means that their vape juices are made with extracts of the actual plant, fruit, or food product named in the flavor. This process eliminates the bad aftertaste caused by lower quality vape juices flavored with artificial flavors concocted in the laboratory rather than in nature. Kai’s Virgin Vapor juices are free of animal and gluten products, making them suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and gluten intolerance sufferers.

Additionally, rather than using the petroleum derivative propylene glycol often used in vape juices as a base, Kai’s Virgin Vapor opts instead for 100% USDA organic vegetable glycerin (VG). Derived from plants and purified to pharmaceutical grade standards, the company’s VG provides a smoother throat hit and sweeter taste than its less natural alternative.

Kai’s Virgin Vapor has more than ten years of experience providing natural and organic, great-tasting vape juices manufactured to the highest standards. The company has developed a strong reputation for true-to-life flavors supported by exceptional customer service and the company is also noted for its support of community-led vaping organizations and vape advocacy efforts.

A satisfied customer recently wrote; ‘This company uses the highest quality ingredients I have been able to find anywhere. It never disappoints and is thus well worth the price’.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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