Avonstar Classics Launches Unique Spice Rack that Goes Round Awkward Corners

Avonstar recently releases the ideal solution for the keen cook who just must have their spices close at hand but are pushed for space in smaller kitchens.

— The new design from Avonstar actually fits neatly in the corner of the kitchen between two walls allowing people to store spices in easy reach. Being modular, the keen chef can simply buy more spice racks and fit them below or above to build on their collection of spices easily.

Cooking is having a bit of a renaissance at the moment with tv cookery shows on the TV on nearly every available channel and web based tutorials and information popping up everywhere. This means that more and more people are wanting to try their hand at more complex cookery tasks and therefore needing to store all those herbs and spices that are necessary in today’s cooking.

However, not everyone has a huge kitchen and the space required to store everything and so more inventive ideas are required in order to make the most of the space people have. This is where Avonstar Classics think they’ve solved a big problem.

Traditional spice racks sit in cupboards or are attached to walls, however they rely on there being enough space and with some racks holding up to 30 spices, sometimes there just isn’t enough space available or a wall big enough to hold them.

Kevin Taylor of Avonstar said, “We are always looking for new ideas and this one came from a customer with a particularly small kitchen who wanted to store a lot of spices. Not everyone has a huge kitchen with the space to store all their gadgets and many of our customers have apartments and flats with limited space. This gets round the problem very easily and is also expandable.”

About Avonstar Classics: Avonstar has been trading and manufacturing quality metal products from the Centre of Birmingham in the UK for decades. Traditionally providing services to large organisations such as City Councils, the automotive industry and the railways, they also have a thriving retail side to the business selling a range of kitchen, sports and security equipment.

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