Australia's Obsession Over Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

31 August, 2020

Sydney, Australia— Cerrone Jewellers announced today that the company is coping with creating more oval cut diamond rings as it ‘stormed the trends’ as the newest obsession in the jewellery industry. With the current trend, the company released its latest designs of oval diamond engagement rings to meet the demand in the Australian market.

With Cerrone's state-of-the-art jewellery cutting techniques and tools, the brand created a wide array of designs for oval-cut engagement rings. They expertly crafted oval engagement rings — from the diamond band to halo, solitaire and three-stone— which are all the modern wife's favourites. In recent times, oval-shaped diamond rings have become one of the most desirable engagement and wedding rings. Slightly classic yet unique, oval shape diamond rings are appealing to anyone's eyes.

Oval-cut diamond rings help women choose a minimal, timeless and vintage-inspired ring. These rings become more appealing and stunning with the incorporation of other gems such as sapphires or ruby. The cuttings of every oval diamond ring are different and unique. Its flattering, elongated shapes offer any brides to feel more feminine and fresh upon wearing it.
Dominique Cerrone, brand manager at Cerrone, said that the company invests into creating the highest quality oval-cut engagement rings available in the market. "Creating the best diamond ring is crucial as it symbolises the eternal bond between you and your partner. As of now, we are focusing on creating and designing more oval-cut diamond rings as it enters the limelight to couples all across Australia. With an increased demand in oval cut jewellery, we continue to forge the world's most precious and rarest material in creating the perfect oval diamond engagement rings."

Known as Australia's largest handmade jewellery Atelier for 48 long years and with the company's high-calibre oval-cut engagement rings, Cerrone further reinforces its reputation as the leading diamond ring designer in Australia.

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