Australian Dance Classes and Socials For Wheelchair Parkinsons MS Launched

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Queensland, Brisbane dance community 4 Ballroom Dance Co-op has launched age-appropriate and condition-inclusive ballroom dancing social opportunities and training for people with special medical conditions. The centre will host partnered social dancing programs for dementia and Parkinson's patients & those who use wheelchairs.

Carina, Brisbane dance community 4 Ballroom Dance Co-op announced the launch of its inclusive dance options. The community offers special dance events and training programs for individuals in wheelchairs and for those who have Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, and other conditions.

More information about 4 Ballroom Dance Co-op is available at

The dance cooperative encourages ballroom dancing as inclusive rehabilitative therapy for a rage of participants with varying conditions. The 4 Ballroom Dance Co-op runs several community programs that create opportunities for all members of the community to enjoy social dance or competitive ballroom dancing in a safe, non-threatening and inclusive atmosphere.

Community programs seek to showcase social ballroom dancing in competitive and non-competitive forms through special events. These events are designed to be inclusive to dancers and learners of all ages and facilitate the strengthening of musicality, social skills, teamwork, numeracy, history & appreciation, and physical conditioning.

Generation inclusion is a key part of special programs for individuals who use wheelchairs or have specific physical and neural conditions. Programs are designed to maximise participation in a manner that challenges whilst keeping participants comfortable and encourages them to explore new ways to engage themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.

The 4 Ballroom Dance cooperative’s team of stewards supports special groups by tailoring arrangements and programs for inclusive assistance wherever it is needed.

According to a spokesperson for the Dance Collective, “We believe that dance can benefit individuals with specific physical or neural conditions by providing an avenue for individual expression in an environment of acceptance. Our specialised dance programs and clubs are supported by a team of stewards and volunteers that allow everyone to benefit.”

4 Ballroom Dance Co-op is a dance community cooperative serving the Australian community with it base located in Queensland. The organisation offers age-appropriate dance opportunities for learners, dancers, instructors, enthusiasts, and even professionals including social sequenced dances, dance competition support, and other events. More information is available at and at the URL above.

The 4 Ballroom Dance Co-op also provides a range of community options including dance programs, dance shows, dance events, music and dance education programs, community competitions and fundraising options that can be enjoyed for life.

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