Aurora Gym and Fitness Orange Theory Announces Fitness Event, All Out Mayhem

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Group fitness gym in Aurora, Orangetheory Fitness announces a newly designed fitness challenge, All Out Mayhem, referred to as "Hell Week's Evil Twin".

Aurora, Colorado- Top group fitness gym in Aurora has great new and diverse challenges throughout the year for fitness enthusiasts at any stage. For example, last month’s Orangetheory Dri-Tri and Marathon, are challenges which really are suitable for all levels.

This month, however, the popular Aurora gym is switching it up and targeting a specific group of fitness aficionados. All Out Mayhem, coming up May 19-24th is, in fact, a call to push members a bit harder and further than they thought possible.

All Out Mayhem- Orangetheory’s answer to only the most hardcore members

Often folks refer to this intense fitness challenge as Hell Week’s evil twin.

All Out Mayhem is a series of six unique workouts that are so intense, the Aurora gym says, folks might just might lose their minds. A structure similar to Hell Week, All Out Mayhem guarantees to reward those who dare to master four out of six workouts. This time around the prize is a custom hat and cooling towel.

Orangetheory Newbies — is All Out Mayhem for Me?

The term, “mayhem” may sound intimidated for most folks who are new to the fitness circuit and the Orangetheory program, Caitlin Donato, Workout Design Manager at Orangetheory’s Global Headquarters had this to say about the event, “For new members, or those who haven’t tackled a super extreme challenge at Orangetheory, the All Out Mayhem challenge presents an opportunity to get quite a bit of value from their workouts in a very short amount of time,”

Caitlin is even quick to point out that events like All Out Mayhem aren’t meant only for veteran Orangetheory members. “If anything, new members will find a heightened level of energy throughout the studio during the challenge,” Caitlin added.

All Out Mayhem was created to throw down challenges that will get participating members to test their limits and no two workouts are ever the same, however, it is a challenge for coaches, too.

According to Orangetheory, events like these allow coaches to use their creative abilities to engage members as well as keep them motivated. But that’s not to the exclusion of everyone else. The workouts during All Out Mayhem will provide ample opportunities for non-competitors as well, much like all other OTF workouts.

It’s You Versus You

Mastering the All Out Mayhem workouts will require more than physical strength, this intense workout is a test of mental grit and determination.

Orangetheory says its important members get to know what exactly their limits are, according to the Aurora gym, you can’t push your limit until you know what it is. They believe the All Out Mayhem challenge is a perfect opportunity for members to find out their limits.

These workouts are meant to be challenging, however, they’re also meant to be fun, especially with the element of surprise. As with any Orangetheory workout, you never know what you’re going to get until you step inside the Orangetheory studio doors.

Each day endurance, strength and power are challenged in more new ways, Orangetheory fitness gym in Aurora encourages folks to rid themselves of the self-doubt that possibly stands in the way of making progress and sign up for the challenge.

Orangetheory fitness gym in Aurora encourages those who are members to join, as it costs them nothing. As far as non-members, everyone is encouraged to learn more about becoming a member and taking advantage of these amazing monthly challenges.

The gym in Aurora can be contacted at (720) 791-3003

24300 E Smoky Hill Rd Suite 134, Aurora, CO 80016

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