Atmospheric Generator by H2O Machine Could Help with World Water Crisis

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H20 Machine is a company seeking to answer the world’s water crisis with a scientific solution - the conversion of atmospheric condensation into clean drinking water.

Reno, NV—In today’s world, 1 in 10 people do not have access to clean water. But one company in Reno, NV may have the solution. With their Atmospheric Water Generator, H20 Machine is proposing that they could help in the fight against the crisis by pulling water from the air.

Their reasoning is that a significant portion of the Earth is covered in water, and roughly a third of that is actually suspended in the air. With an atmospheric generator, humidity in the air could be processed to produce clean drinking water in an affordable and simple manner.

This generator is capable of producing anywhere from 10 to 100 gallons of water a day. Its high volume of production makes it ideal for a wide range of users – from a small home to an entire country. Additionally, the machine utilizes a five-stage filtration process to ensure the drinkability of the extracted water.

The process is made possible by gathering the humidity present in the air. The generator produces at a higher volume in areas with higher levels of humidity. The machine is able to do this at a low rate – reportedly pennies on the gallon. The process is also quiet and utilizes low energy, ensuring the procedure does not require constant monitoring or tracking.

Users are also able to track production straight from smartphone devices. The remote access allows users to ensure tanks are being filled in a timely manner while still addressing other matters throughout the day. The smartphone access also tracks humidity levels as well. Users can even turn off the machine remotely using their smartphone.

The atmospheric generator promises to be useful for many different types of customers and client needs. Their current clientele includes those in remote locations where access to direct water sources or not suitable for consumption.

Converting air into water is a scientific solution to a significant problem facing numerous people around the world. H20 Machine’s generator already has experienced a recent spike in popularity that attests to its viability as a solution to the water crisis – both within the United States and around the world. A pioneering approach might be just the right mindset to solving this issue.

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