At-Home Taekwondo Beginner Course For COVID-19 Hobby Development Launched

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Taekwondo At Home has launched a new course for children or adults to learn martial arts during a time of social distancing. The course is provided by an experienced Taekwondo master with interactive, engaging lessons.

Taekwondo At Home has launched an online Taekwondo program that enables children and adults to learn the popular martial art at home while staying within social distancing guidelines. This is a special introductory program designed to introduce students to the sport and start their life journey in martial arts.

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The latest announcement aims to respond to the increased interested in home-based martial arts programs.

Taekwondo is a thousand-year-old sport of Korean origin that has become one of the most popular martial arts, with more than 30 million people participating worldwide. The sport is based on five principles: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit.

Learning Taekwondo will improve muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance, increase agility, co-ordination and balance and help develop body control. It also aids character development and helps develop confidence and self-esteem, bringing structure to a child’s life through regular practice.

Taekwondo is an effective way to get fit and build confidence, helping children to follow the right path from an early age. Data shows that children who start Taekwondo usually remain physically fit into adulthood. Once they realize how Taekwondo is benefiting them, they will learn to respect their bodies and the people around them, becoming more generous human beings.

The home-based program will enable children and beginners to develop a set of useable skills while participating in a fun hobby. It provides a built-in fitness program with stretching and flexibility components that can be practiced at any time. It also provides valuable self-defense skills that bring confidence and self assurance.

At a time when social distancing makes taking up a sport or developing new interests more difficult, this can open new opportunities without leaving the home. The 16-class beginner Taekwondo course will take students from absolute beginner to a level where they can appreciate the full potential the martial art has to offer.

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