ARMA 100 Makes Self Defense Weapons Save and Effective for Everyone

Most self-defense products carry a high risk of potential harm to those who use them and their families. The ARMA 100 Bean Bag Gun is a safe alternative.

— With the increase of crime, self defense is a necessary evil that needs to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, many self defense products available today such as hand guns, rifles, tasers, mace and pepper spray all carry high risk for injuring owners and their children. Luckily, a highly trained team of professionals were able to create the first non-lethal, yet highly effective self defense productt, the ARMA 100. This self defense product is a gun that shoots bean bags. While it packs a punch, even up to twenty feet away from a target, it has a lower risk for injuring owners or family members than any other product on the market.

The ARMA 100 has been receiving high reviews since it was released for use. William Cottinger, Ph.D., CHS-III, for example, states, “It is obvious from my 40+ years in the military, criminal justice, and mental health fields, that your company’s product, the Arma 100, has filled a critical niche in non-lethal technology to deal effectively with potentially dangerous situations. I see all sorts of relevant and useful applications of this valuable technology, to prevent the undesirable outcome of taking human life in all these potential dangerous situations the real goal is to prevent danger from escalating into serious physical injury. This is exactly what your product does better than other such non lethal weapons on the market.”

The ARMA 100 is built for durability and because it’s legal, it can be carried anywhere. It's only 18 inches long, and has no significant recoil or kickback. No special training is needed in order to use it. To further increase the safety of this Self defense weapon , there are two built in safety features. These include a standard mechanical safety feature as well as a cocking mechanism to keep it child safe.

The mission of ARMA USA is to save lives through precision technology by offering non-lethal self defense weapons. These weapons are built with superior quality and designed for ease of use and ultimate performance. The engineering, design and manufacturing processes are conducted by a highly skilled team of professionals. The ARMA USA self defense and rescue products are used by police and first responders and are available for general consumers as well.

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