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MarketersMEDIA / Newsroom / “Arizona Derby”, Action-Packed Racing Game to Be Launched on Steam Early Access at 26th June

“Arizona Derby”, Action-Packed Racing Game to Be Launched on Steam Early Access at 26th June

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"Arizona Derby" introducing brand new gaming concept with an excessive amount of the features and content for an Early Access game. Plenty of content and features making this game one of the most complete titles ever submitted to the Steam Early Access.

— Falcon Interactive is proud to announce launching of their latest game "Arizona Derby", at the Wednesday, 26th of June 2019 on Steam Early Access platform. "Arizona Derby" is an action-packed racing game, that promises to players breathtaking time, with many of the sparkling new gaming concepts, promising to renew the racing genre, with supercars competing off-road featuring third person modes.

Players will have the opportunity to drive at some of the world's most beautiful off-road locations at harshest conditions with ultra-realistic physics for a racing games, while making their way to the top. There are plenty of challenges and rewards, customization options, and other exciting features. Player will compete and drive, while doing amazing stunts and progressing through the levels and accomplishing an interesting amount of the features. Content of the game is amazing, for an Early Access title, and it has over 30 tracks, on all different locations, over 90 most amazing supercars, 20 hero's (ADrivers) and ultimate amount of the customization.

Fans of racing and action games are going to love what Arizona Derby has to offer. The quality of the graphics is outstanding, combined with entertaining storyline that keeps the player going on. Game featuring professional actors for level bosses, as well it has its own exciting soundtrack from Texas musician. "Arizona Derby" is thrilled to extend the genre of the racing games, enabling more interactions of the players, it's cars and environment, creating stunning experience like in other leading genres and well-known titles, with aim to refresh genre, that once was so relevant.

Gorgeous quality of the tracks and environments with focus on replicating most intensive, accurate harsh conditions, realistic and ultimately smart AI cars, and content that allowing player to choose from over 90 latest supercars with plenty of customizations, 20 heroes, over 30 exciting tracks, making "Arizona Derby" one of the most complete games ever published at such state at Steam Early Access. Game also features intense FX and sound effects, as we all, it has licenses FMOD Autocar engine (utilized in games like Forza Motorsport, Forza Horizon, Asseto Corsa, Project Cars, etc.), that empowering, ultimate, roaring and exciting sounds of the supercars.

"Arizona Derby" focuses on cutting edge quality of the gameplay actions, where details are polished to brought never seen actions before. Realistic environments, dirt, mud and waters, cars reflections and overall accurately and intense animated off-road rigs will immerse players at never seen so far off-road experience. "Arizona Derby" is first racing game that involves 3rd person gameplay, called ADriver Mode, where player can exit car, and loot around for Air Supplies, dropped from jet's around the track and still has time to get back to car and win, since time will goes slower for other cars while hero is out. It also has ADrone Mode, for evading stucks or other cars, when they obstruct player's way, and there is no time to lose, so player simply drops drone through window and navigates toward safe location. However, both ADriver and ADrone time outside the car will be limited, so player needs to utilize skills, to get back to car, and to hold one of top 3 winning position, to be rewarded with loot.

Brief history about "Arizona Derby" is that game was voted as top #1 game on Greenlight by the Steam Community, two years ago. All feedbacks and plenty of additional ideas and contents are carefully analyzed and largely extended from that time, while benchmarking and continuously improving features, comparing to its latest AAA competitors. Finally, in the first half of 2019, the game was opened for testing to over 2,000 streamers and players. By that time, plenty of feedbacks was addressed and fine-tuned, in order to release as more complete game as possible.

Developer will proactively work with Community, to make "Arizona Derby" one of the world's best racing experiences, setting back racing genre to the spotlights.

Official XBOX One release of the "Arizona Derby" is confirmed by Microsoft and official date to be announced.
Interesting fact for "Arizona Derby" is that is developed by team of just 2 developers, who shares joint passion for racing games over decades.

For more information and key requests, please contact as at pr@arizonaderby.com or +44 20 3286 5286. Media kits can be found here.

Contact Info:
Name: Miodrag Stajic
Email: Send Email
Organization: Falcon Interactive
Website: https://arizonaderby.com/%20

Release ID: 524094

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