Aqua Filter Systems Offers New Range of Next Generation Whole House Water Filters

Aqua Filter Systems are offering a new and exciting range of whole house water filters to bring households clean and pure water for 2014 and beyond.

— Water is fundamental to all life on earth, and forms the focus of much of the space exploration because it is so precious. Despite this, many of us take for granted the running water that comes to homes and make a lot of assumptions about it that may not be accurate. This water is far from uncontaminated and contains chemicals designed to neutralise those contaminants that are not natural to the body. Aqua Filter Systems have been specializing in water filtration for years, and for 2014 have introduced new EvoClear water softening and purifying systems that will provide pure water for the home straight from the existing water supply.

The EvoClear systems work by being attached to the water source before it enters the house, so water cleaner that bottled water will flow from every faucet. The whole house water filters remove everything from chlorine to industrial solvents, while the water softeners remove lime scale and calcium without the use of corrosive salts.

To celebrate the release of the products, Aqua Filter is offering up to $500 off individual products and even greater savings when bought together to provide the ultimate home water purifying solution, which will never need to be replaced.

A spokesperson for Aqua Filter Systems explained, “The next generation of EvoClear whole house water filters and water softeners have been designed to give the ultimate in long lasting purity and softness for water, removing all known pollutants and contaminants including chlorine, chloramine and hundreds more. We are so confident in this new product that we are offering a 90 day money back guarantee so individuals can effectively see the difference an EvoClear water filtration system can make for themselves, at which point we’re sure they won’t want to go back to the water they had before.”

About Aqua Filter Systems:
Aqua Filter Systems take special pride in bringing customers the very best whole house filtration, water softening, and conditioning systems in the most environmentally friendly way possible. The only true way to address home water needs is at the point of use, and Aqua Filter Systems solutions mean no more changing shower filters, faucet filters and drinking water filters.

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