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Appxplore (iCandy) officially released Its First Mobile Game

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The development giant iCandy, along with its award-winning subsidiary Appxplore, are committed to demonstrating their global market supremacy with facts - this time choosing a "liquid" core engine, which they hope will appeal to both loyal fans and crypto-enthusiasts alike.

— On January 9, after much anticipation, Appxplore (iCandy) announced the official launch of "Cryptant Crab"; its debut project. Thus initiating "the new era" that 2019 holds for the entertainment house and a portfolio of 350 million players. According to the co-founder and CEO of iCandy, Desmond Lee, the game, which is a spin-off of the successful Crab War, gathers all the different user profiles in the same environment.

On one hand, fans of entertainment alternatives gain historical access to in-depth gameplay experiences, brought by the vertiginous PvP mode and a creative storyline (mutant crab warriors), while on the other, expert gamers can customize every detail of their characters and get monetizable assets within the game.

"We look forward to building the world of CryptantCrab with our community, and in turn, create a vibrant community of fans and engaged gamers seeking to experience gaming." - Desmond Lee.

Another interesting aspect to remark after the launch is the recognition of the importance that digital capital and decentralized protocols have within the market behavior, in comparison to the stealthy advance of options like Virtual Reality. Several studies, such as that carried out by Aalto University, have pointed out how, after the recent technological advances, users feel drawn towards customizable ecosystems, especially if those represent real benefits in their offline lives.

In response to the above, a company's spokesman said that the team behind iCandy considers the proposal as an inevitable and necessary outcome, as it strengthens its relationship with millions of followers around the world.

With a strategy that aims for unrivaled adoption - until 2018 the entire player base was distributed among the USA, Europe and Asian territories - Appxplore and iCandy stand as an example of the most algid point in the mobile entertainment industry. Finance Magnates details that during the past year, the global trend grew by 13.3%, and by 2020 it is expected to double in fold.

About iCandy

Founded as iCandy Interactive Ltd this company based in Melbourne, Australia, expanded its operations by acquiring the best studios in both Malaysia (Appxplore) and Singapore (Inzen Studio), managing to position itself as one of the top companies worldwide. Additionally, the parent company has been represented in different awards over the years; Its most recent success, on the part of Appxplore, earned her an Excellence in Gameplay Award during the IMGA held in South Asia.

"Cryptant Crab” is currently available to users through the online Metamax game service, accessible from mobile devices and PCs. Using Ether capital, participants can buy two types of essential basic items (Crabs, Cryptant) in advanced, to gain strategic advantages over their opponents.

Contact Info:
Name: Desmond Lee, Co-Founder & CEO of Appxplore COO and iCandy Interactive
Email: Send Email
Organization: iCandy Interactive
Address: Level 4, 91 William Street,Melbourne Victoria 3000,Australia
Phone: +61 8611 5353

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