Amsoil Super Powers John Schlimmers Million Mile Chevy

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To save time & money, have Less Engine Wear, and Increased MPG, change your oil every 25,000 miles with AMSOIL. You'll also experience more horsepower, less friction, a cooler running engine, squeaky clean engine and easier cold starts since Amsoil pours at -40 below.

After a million miles of driving with the Amsoil products, here are some “bread crumbs” of how you can make your vehicle “almost immortal.”

In early September of 1999, John purchased a new 99 Chevy express cargo van to start a delivery service. Much to his surprise, the delivery service turned out to be an 8,000 – 10,000 miles a month adventure, delivering all over the USA. John was changing his oil about two times a month, every 5,000 miles. He then heard about Amsoil in April of 2000 and their unbelievable 25,000-mile oil change!

In May of 2000, at 68,250 miles, he put the AMSOIL products to the test. John changed the engine, transmission, and differential over to Amsoil synthetic oil. August of 2000 at 103,750 miles 35,500 miles on the oil, He drained the oil and sent a sample into AMSOIL. A week later, with the report in hand, John called Amsoil to go over the report. To his amazement, this is what they said,” your oil is good for another 10-15,000 miles. Just change the oil filter!!” Instead of changing his oil 20-24 times a year, it dropped to 4 a year.

October of 2007 At 930,599 miles. Location: Jackson, MS a valve keeper wore out in his 350 Chevy engine, causing one of the valves to stick. He replaced the engine and had the original engine sent to Amsoil. They tore it down and specked it out. It Had less than 1% wear throughout the engine! You can see the engine tear down on his website.

What happens when you switch to Amsoil synthetic oil? You’ll experience Higher Engine RPMs, Increased MPG, More Horsepower, Less Friction, as well as a Cooler Running Engine, transmission, and differential. You’ll also have a Squeaky Clean Engine, Easier Cold Starts/oil pours at -40 below and need to do Fewer Oil Changes / or once a year oil change. And that leave a fatter wallet for you.

His original transmission has 1.3 million miles. It has never been overhauled thanks to the Amsoil synthetic transmission fluid. John is now an Amsoil Dealer sharing how the Amsoil products can make your vehicle and equipment almost immortal. You can contact John by going to his website. He can show you how to purchase Amsoil products at Rock Bottom Prices.

AMSOIL, don’t leave home without it. You’ll do yourself a great favor contacting John Schlimmer: Click for AMSOIL at Rock Bottom Prices

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