Amazon FBA Management Company Discusses Product Listing Ranking & PPC Strategy

21 September, 2020

Signalytics is an Amazon FBA management company specializing in scaling online businesses by utilizing data to build PPC campaigns designed to increase intelligence, visibility and growth. The company recently shared the link between Google search results and Amazon ranking, an important factor for online sellers.

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As Amazon FBA ranking reflects the number of sales a product has compared to every other product sold in the same category, a seller’s goal should always be to increase their product ranking. Amazon ranking is vital for sellers looking to drive more prospective customers to their Amazon FBA product listing and increasing their sales potential.

An online seller can significantly benefit from having products visible on search engine sites, such as Google. The company points out some valuable statistics. “It’s important to note that nearly half (46.7%) of all US internet users start product searches on Amazon compared with 34.6% who went to Google first. That means Amazon is already winning the ‘search engine game.’ At least, concerning consumer products,” says Signalytics’ senior spokesperson. “Even still, a solid third of all purchase-intent traffic starts on Google. No smart business leaves THAT kind of money on the table.”

The company also states, “On average, only 11% of consumers can be treated as strictly ‘online customers’, and 12% can be considered strictly ‘offline consumers.’ This explains why marketers often preach about the importance of multiple touch-points and brand exposure. Customers, even online, don’t just place orders…they go through a journey.”

Without a doubt, Google is the most popular search engine, with 70% of the search market share. Amazon has not overlooked this fact. Although Amazon does occupy a sizable amount of organic space on the Google search engine, Signalytics finds it interesting to note, “Amazon pays for Google ads on over a quarter of keywords they already rank page one for organically. Over half of the page one ranked keywords also have Google Shopping ads. This clearly shows Amazon is taking no chance to be left undiscoverable on Google. It also shows they are interested in being there, so much so that they pay for redundancy on the platform.”

Google’s ranking opportunity can be furthered with the addition of product images and videos. Not only does the purchasing potential of a product increase when a prospective customer can see the product and how it works, but Amazon also takes full advantage of these Google Shopping ad opportunities. It appears in image boxes on 41.5% of search engine results pages, where it also has the top ranking.

Although Amazon has been making great efforts to drive outside traffic from Google, it is reaching even further with its arsenal of programs: the Amazon Influencer Program, the Amazon Onsite Associate Program and an affiliate program called Amazon Associates.

Signalytics has centered its visibility and growth strategies around signals; the information passed on by user activity to the websites they visit. When selling a product online, regardless of the platform, user activity that sends the message that the product is popular and in-demand will help it rank for keywords and get seen more. The company’s services include sourcing and logistics in China, PPC management and Product Frequency Rate.

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