Amazon Exposes Trending 2014 Halloween Poison Ivy and Catwomen Costumes Ideas

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Poison Ivy and Catwomen Costumes are among the most wanted Halloween costume ideas at Amazon this year.

The spookiest of holidays will landed on a Friday in 2014,meanings that three nights of Halloween journeys wait for.

Poison Ivy is among the risky and lovely bad guys Batman hasto face and make her more desirable and quite popular this year. Dark and alsolight teal colors are used for your eyelid colour, pink for blush, and abrilliant red lipstick complete this appearance. Straight out of the Comic Book Page, Catwomen Costumeincludes her sexy Stretch Headpiece and Jumpsuit.  Batman won’t understand what struck him.

Other trending Halloween costumes for 2014 include a”return to frightening” from timeless tales of fiction. Flicks likeDracula Untold, I, Frankenstein, and the 40th Anniversary of Texas ChainsawMassacre provide motivation for bad guys to rise from the tombs of literary aswell as movie theater past history. Popular reveals and also frightening talesare taking spotlight in the type of Hannibal as well as American Horror Story,among others. The “return to terrifying” theme likewise equates rightinto home Halloween décor as indoor and outdoor plagued house scenes havebecome popular.

Talking of the movie theater, numerous smash hit movies madea significant effect in the box workplace this year and will absolutelymotivate a costume or 2. There is no asserting that Disney’s Frozen caught thehearts and also minds of adults and kids alike, so anticipate seeing a lot ofElsa, Anna, as well as Olaf the Snowman. Supervisor Michael Bay’s TeenageMutant Ninja Turtles reboot arrived with a nostalgic “cowabunga!” as wellas will certainly be a popular costume selection for followers of any kind ofage.

Grownups will have plenty of alternatives to pick from inattractive mashup costumes, and 2014 is the year to get odd with youthmemories. Sex benders, which turn around the parts of male and female, are onthe surge. Gorgeous Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy, Sexy RonaldMcDonald, as well as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will all have a gender benderspotlight in 2014.

Really persuading Game of Thrones and Destiny costumes arehard to locate, makings them targets for the cosplaying neighborhood. Whenchoosing costumes for a group, take a suggestion from comic conventions andintegrate any sort of commonly famous team with Playboy rabbits. Superstar Trekrabbits, Avenger rabbits, as well as fairytale princess bunnies were large onthe comic con scene in 2014.

This year’s Halloween period also brings with it a heftyfocus on complex makeup which Amazon delivered brilliantly. As tutorials onYouTube and Pinterest proceed to increase in popularity, both males and femalesare obtaining confidence in attempting in-depth as well as hard make-upimpacts. Very hot make-up trends such as Day of the Dead sweets skulls andzombie injuries will be on full screen this Halloween. Be on the search for”Poison Ivy” makeup effects with the addition of green mask flower.

“Spooky-Sexy” mashups will certainly run rampantwith costumes like scary voodoo dolls, zombie flappers, and Day of the Deadskeletal systems striking the streets. Where hot and spooky collide, a costumecomes to be a one-of-a-kind showstopper. These costume mashups capture thecreepiness of frightening concepts without weakening the sexiness factor.

Thefestivities don’t stop with costumes. Amazon has fun Halloween décor, includingthemed candle holders, lamp covers, wall designs, pumpkin-shaped statues, fakecobwebs, removable bat stickers and decals, and streamers—as well asparty-ready Halloween décor like fog machines, strobe lights, and black lights.There are also themed snacks for the season, like pumpkin-spice coffee mixes,cocoa, chai-tea latte mixes, and fall baking ingredients.

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