Alliance Commercial Pest Control, Inc. Slashes Prices for Camelback Cricket Services

A New Jersey-based pest control company has reduced the price for one of its service just in time for the holidays.

— Officials with Alliance Commercial Pest Control ( announced today that it has drastically reduced the price for its camelback cricket pest control services.

“We’re excited to let everyone know that they can take $75.00 off their camelback cricket and cave cricket pest control services,” said R. Brett Madden, Esq., spokesman for Alliance Commercial Pest Control. “We realize that with the holiday season quickly approaching, every dollar saved goes a long way. However, we also know that now is the time to have this service done, so just to be in tune with the holiday spirit, we’re providing everyone with a reduction in pricing.”

Camel crickets, also known as cave crickets, according to Madden, are very easy to identify.

“They have very large hind legs with drumstick-shaped thigh section and long thin antennae,” Madden described.

The antennae, Madden pointed out, slowly rise together and are located next to the head.

“The pests are brownish in color and have a humpbacked in appearance,” Madden noted, before adding, “At times, camel crickets or cave crickets can be a pest control problem in the basements of homes, drains, sewers, wells and firewood stacks.”

Madden went on to add that although this pest can be “very intimidating to look at, especially when they take you by surprise, they are completely harmless.”

As to why anyone should consider taking advantage of Alliance Commercial Pest Control, Inc.’s services, Madden stressed, “While other pest control companies were spraying unnecessary chemicals around your home or business, we were developing and utilizing Integrated Pest Management (IPM).”

IPM, according to Madden, is the use of a host of pest and environmental information to eradicate pest problems with no, or the least amount of pesticide usage.

“At Alliance, we are constantly developing new pest control/prevention programs to provide you with leading services in the industry,” Madden said. “Companies talk of their mission. At Alliance, our mission is to see problems and issues through your eyes. As such, we are better able to service your specific needs for today and into the future. For a better tomorrow, contact Alliance today.”

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