All Natural Skin Care Line Launches Advanced Skin Care Using Cutting Edge Technology

IPES 180 introduces just natural skin care by infusing plant derived peptides and stem cell technology providing powerful antioxidants and nutrients for the skin. They have eliminated all harmful chemicals from their formulation helping prevent multiple health issues and dramatically slowing the skin aging process.

— Casa Grande, Arizona December 14th 2015

IPES 180 has developed a natural skin care line packed with organic ingredients that are beneficial to the skin including aloe vera, cold pressed coconut oil, goji fruit extract, noni extract, elderberry extract, algae extract and a whole host of other nutrient dense superfood ingredients. They then combined these various superfoods with plant derived peptides and stem cell technology to create this advanced skin care line.

Now, clinically proven younger looking skin can be attained naturally without causing harm to other parts of the body as a result of toxic chemicals in the formulation which is truly something to get excited about.

IPES 180 is using just natural, plant based organic ingredients that feed the skin exactly what it needs. The plant based peptides increase collagen production in the skin while the stem cells limit collagen degradation and slow down the skin aging process.

Clinical studies have shown a 43% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles by using these peptides and stem cells. The peptides increase collagen and hyaluronic levels in the skin. The peptides help with fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, thinning skin and stretch marks.

The stem cells help protect the longevity of the skin cells while providing high antioxidant protection to combat chronological aging.
Studies have shown that skin is the largest organ of the entire body and should be taken care of properly and with caution. It has been proven that approximately 70% of what is applied to the skin gets absorbed into the bloodstream and delivered to major organs.

There is a growing trend of people looking for safer alternatives that also deliver results. It seems this all natural skin care line is looking to fill the need of this growing trend. Greg Fowler, owner and founder of IPES 180, when asked what is your company’s mission statement and goal was quoted as saying “to protect and promote skin health by using 100% all natural organic skin care products that people can trust and reply on”.

Fowler stated that the skin care industry is not required by the FDA to list all their ingredients on their label and only twenty percent of products have been accessed for safety. IPES 180 and their organic skin care line list every one of their ingredients right on their website for all to view. Using plant based natural skin care products could help prevent more invasive and dangerous treatments such as going under the knife as they say or using toxic treatments such as Botox.

Fowler’s 100% all natural organic skin care creams and lotions are made from natural plant derived ingredients from nature with no harmful chemicals added.

They say right on their website that they never use toxic chemicals, parabens, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, waxes, GMO’s, harmful fillers or artificial fragrances which are generally found in most commercial brands and even in skin care brands labeled as “all natural”.

View their testimonials page on their website and see what people are saying about these cutting edge products. In a sea of skin care brands in the market that contain many harmful chemicals in their formulations, IPES 180 presents a non-toxic option.

There are a growing number of people that are concerned with what they put on their skin and the FDA has only banned 8 ingredients out of over 12,000 since 1938 in the skin care industry, this one particular advanced organic skin care line may be providing a safer alternative without having to compromise on results.

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