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All Blogs Considered Reinvents Itself As RSS Aggregator For World’s Most Popular Sites

01 June, 2013

The internet holds an astonishing amount of content. Googling the word Google reveals nearly fourteen billion results alone. With such a plethora of information ever expanding, it can feel overwhelming and impossible to get at the best content. Previously users have used bookmarking to record their favorite sites, but not all of them have new content to check at every turn. All Blogs Considered, once a personally curated site offering editor’s picks, has now been redesigned as a revolutionary RSS aggregator that offers the newest material from the best sites on the web in one, easy to use hub.

The site uses principle categories like News, Money & Business, Tech & Shopping, Health & Lifestyle, Education, Humor and more to separate the fields, then uses the top ten Alexa-ranked websites for each category including The Onion, Gawker, Reddit, Cracked and more to show direct links to their latest content.

The site has become so popular after the redesign that many users are now setting it as their home page, as it gives them a fast and easy glimpse at the best of the web with minimal clicking through tabs and bookmarks to find the content that interests them.

A spokesperson for All Blogs Considered explained, “The reason for the design shift was in response to the incredible amount of content that our curators were having to drive through, often coming up with the same sites over and over again. The RSS aggregator takes away a massive headache for most people of setting up an RSS feed and manually filtering content- now it’s simple matter of a couple of clicks to browse the latest and best of the web. The blog is updated live, so every time new content is added to RSS it’s instantly available on our site, so it’s an easy resource to keep coming back to.”

About All Blogs Considered
All Blogs Considered has been redesigned as an RSS aggregator. It displays the newest articles from the most popular and interesting websites on the internet in one easy to navigate place. Viewers love to bookmark the site as their homepage to cut their initial "checking out all my favorite sites" time by at least half, creating a seamless user-to-data delivery experience.

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Joe Hughes

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