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Alfa Chemistry—A New Provider of Analytical Standard Reagents

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Alfa Chemistry announced to provide varieties of analytical standard reagents for the analysis and detection of chromatography (HPLC, GPC, GC), electrophoresis, microscopy, spectrophotometry, titration, and physical property testing.

— On October 22, 2020, the US-based company Alfa Chemistry announced to provide varieties of analytical standard reagents for the analysis and detection of chromatography (HPLC, GPC, GC), electrophoresis, microscopy, spectrophotometry, titration, and physical property testing. The products newly added cover life science standards, agricultural and environmental standards, clinical application standards, air testing standards, certification standards, food and beverage standards, cosmetics testing standards, organic standard solutions, etc. Meanwhile, Alfa Chemistry also offers custom-tailored analytical testing services that can help clients solve problems case by case.

An analytical standard is a compound of suitable purity and known concentration and is often used as a calibration standard for an assay for the following purposes: to confirm the presence of specific components in mixtures; to increase the precision of quantitative analysis; to perform a test or a calibration of an analyzer, etc. In other words, analytical standards are also called reference materials.

The analytical standard reagents at Alfa Chemistry are wide widely and comprehensively ranged, which fall into the following categories:

Additional Standards
This category can further be classified into: Application Areas, Certified Reference Materials (CRMs), Chemical Class and Method and Regulation Specific reagents.

Biomarkers and Metabolomics Standards
This category includes: Additional Endogenous Metabolites Standards, Amino Acid Metabolite Standards and Bile Acid Standards.

Elemental, Ions and Water (Karl Fischer) Standards
This category includes : Anions and Cations Standards, Elemental & Metal Standards and Total Organic Carbon (DO /TIC/TOC).

Food and Cosmetic Component Standards
This category includes: Allergen Standards, Amine Standards, Colorant Standards, Flavor and Fragrance Standards, Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Standards, Preservative Standards, Processing & Packaging Contaminant Standards, Sweetener Standards and UV blockers.

Matrix Materials Standards
This category includes: Food Matrix CRMs, Soil Matrix CRMs and Waste Water Matrix CRMs.

Organic Pollutant Standards
This category includes: Air Pollutants, Aldehydes/DNPH Standards, PCBs & Dioxins Standards, Perfluoro Compounds, Phenol Standards, Plasticizers & Phthalates, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) Standards, and Volatile & Semivolatile Standards.

Pharmaceuticals, Illicit Drugs & Alcohol
This category includes: Additional Drugs, Amphetamines/Stimulants Standards, Anesthetics Standards, Antiasthmatic Drug Standards, Anticonvulsants/Antiepileptics Standards, Antidepressants Standards, Antifungals Standards, Antihistamines Standards, Barbiturate Standards, Benzodiazepines Standards, Cannabinoids Standards, Cardiac Drug Standards, Cocaine Analogs Standards, Hallucinogens Standards, Immunosuppressants, Nicotine/Tobacco Standards, Nonbenzodiazepines Drug Standards, Opiates/Synthetic Analgesic Drug Standards, OTC Standards, P451 Metabolite Standards, Skeletal Muscle Relaxant Drug Standards, Sleep Aid Drug Standards and Stomach Acid Inhibitor Standards.

Physical Properties Standards
This category includes: Acidity / TAN Standards, Aniline Point Standards, Cloud Point Standards, Density Standards, Distillation, Flash Point, Freezing Point, Physical Properties CRMs, Plugging Point Standards, Quantitative NMR, Total Suspended Solids, Viscosity Standards and X-Ray.

Customers can search the product name, CAS number and other keywords to quickly find the standard reagents they need. To know more about Alfa Chemistry’s product offerings, please visit

About Alfa Chemistry
The top goal of Alfa Chemistry is to help customers worldwide solve problems in analytical testing. To fulfill this, the company supplies a wide range of analytical chemicals for a variety of analytical applications and strives to become a global leading supplier of analytical chemistry reagents. As always, Alfa Chemistry never stops its steps to achieve its mission in reducing product quality risks, protecting health and safety, and enhancing market advantage for its customers.

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