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Air Ambulance America Transport Dying Woman Home To See Her Family For The Final Time

27 June, 2013

In order to receive specialist treatment individuals must go to where the specialists and equipment are, and this can mean long medical transfers that can endanger a patient’s life. In situations like these, services like Air Ambulance America can be employed by individuals to streamline the transfer process and lessen the deleterious impact on a patient’s health of the transfer process. However, these air ambulances can also be used on compassionate grounds, as was recently evidenced by a private client who was flown home after treatment proved unsuccessful to spend her final hours with her family.

The Air Ambulance services offered by Air Ambulance America utilise a fleet of Lear Jets that have been specially outfitted as equipped and licensed Medical Intensive Care Units, able to offer everything from stabilisation to critical life support on air journeys which take a fraction of the time of any other kind of transfer.

The patient had used the air ambulance service to transport her and her family to the hospital where she underwent weeks of specialist treatment, which unfortunately came too late to save her life, but extended her time so that she could see her family one more time.

A spokesperson for Air Ambulance America explained, “The family told us that it would be far more expensive for all of them to get immediate tickets to see their loved one in the hospital than it would be to bring their loved one home, where they could then also arrange for the funeral without having to wait for transfers. We kept their mother in the most comfortable condition possible, accompanied every step of the way by trained medical staff to see to her wellbeing, before transferring her from the local airport to her home, where she was overwhelmed to be in the supportive care of her family and the home she had built a life in.”

About Air Ambulance America:
Air Ambulance America was founded in 1983 to help the public arrange air medical transportation worldwide. Clients call to charter an air ambulance or arrange a medical escort. The company can help families, friends, and loved one be transported to their destination seamlessly with medical teams on the ground helping to transfer individuals from their beds to their new destinations.

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Joe Hughes

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