Ageless Body Sculpting Highlights Cosmetic Procedures Available to Both Sexes

Surgical procedures, combined with nonsurgical options, make reaching goals easy reports Ageless Body Sculpting.

— According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Americans spent $1.6 million on cosmetic surgical procedures in 2012, with breast augmentation being the preferred treatment. Liposuction came in second with tummy tucks coming in fifth, and popular nonsurgical procedures in 2012 included Botox, laser hair removal and chemical peels. "Ageless Body Sculpting understands each client has their own desired look and provides a wide range of services to help clients achieve their personal goals," Dr. Stephen Gagliardi, founder of Ageless Body Sculpting, declares.

Liposuction and SmartLipo solve the problem of excess fat on certain portions of the body. Diet and exercise help many achieve the weight they desire, yet leave them with a body shape they aren't satisfied with, and three types of liposuction are available to ensure the desired results are obtained. "With the help of liposuction, the body achieves the contoured shape that most are looking for, and this technique may be used for fatty deposits in the back, waist, buttocks, abdomen and other places. Many opt to make use of SmartLipo as it is minimally invasive and only requires the use of local anesthesia," Dr. Gagliardi explains.

Others find they are satisfied with their body shape and wish to make minor cosmetic changes with the help of procedures such as chemical peels and laser hair removal. For those with excess, dark or coarse body hair, laser hair removal feels like it is a necessity, rather than an elective procedure, as the appearance of the hair leaves the person uncomfortable. Shaving, waxing, plucking and other hair removal techniques require a great deal of time, and many are painful, yet offer only a temporary fix. "Laser hair removal targets the hair follicle to discourage future hair growth and, although results may not be permanent, they do leave the area hair free for an extended period of time. With repeated treatments, the long-term absence of hair is possible," Dr. Gagliardi continues.

Glamour conducted a study in 2011 which found that women, on average, have 13 negative body thoughts every day, with some women stating they have up to 100 negative thoughts on the average day. "Don't let negative thoughts dictate everyday life. With the help of Ageless Body Sculpting, any male or female can achieve the body they desire or solve minor cosmetic problems, and financing is available for those who are concerned about paying for their treatment, as our goal is to ensure every client is satisfied when they leave our facility," Dr. Gagliardi states.

About Ageless Body Sculpting:
Dr. Stephen Gagliardi and Ageless Body Sculpting strive to help each client achieve the desired body image through the use of cosmetic procedures, including tummy tucks, Brazilian butt lifts and SmartLipo. In addition, Ageless Body Sculpting offers a new weight management program, designed to promote fat loss without the loss of muscle mass. With flexible payment plans, Ageless Body Sculpting finds it easy to assist every client who comes for help.

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