Active Grandparents meet online to explore their own inclusion…

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October 23-25 grandparents from around the country can join’s co-founders, Leslie Zinberg & Kay Ziplow, experts & author Susan Stiffelman, for a free series on grandparenting.

Today many grandparents are not quite sure how to ask their adult children about spending more quality time with their grandchildren.

“For most American grandparents, child care is only an occasional responsibility. Our survey on family support in graying societies found that among U.S. grandparents who have helped with child care in the past 12 months, nearly three-in-four (72%) said they did so only occasionally. About one-in-five (22%) said they provided child care regularly.” – Pew Research Center

What exactly fuels this GRAND sense of entitlement?

“Many grandparents simply wish to share their life lessons and wisdom without constantly getting a defensive reaction from the very kids they cut their parenting teeth on so to speak,” says Kay Ziplow, co-founder of

“We want our adult kids to trust us with their kids…who happen to be our grandchildren. After all, we raised them, and now, we can even do a better job with their kids!” says Leslie Zinberg, co-founder of

If you are a 50+ year young grandparent, you are likely looking to re-discover yourself and live your life to its fullest. The easiest way to experience this new self discovery is through an online community designed just for you.

On October 23, 24 and 25 grandparents around the country can join co -founders Leslie Zinberg & Kay Ziplow and parenting author and expert Susan Stiffelman, MFT for a new free learning series on GRAND Parenting.

Join Susan, Leslie, Kay and an exceptional team of experts and discover:

• How to set boundaries without hurting feelings

• How to offer help that lightens the load of adult children

• How to create loving in-law relationships

• How to handle criticism

• How to stay in touch from far away

• How to address issues of alienation

• How to create a peaceful multi-generational household

• Advice for grandparents raising grandkids

• How to help children cope with loss

• Advice for step-grandparents

• Advice for step-grandparents

As a marriage and family therapist, a credentialed teacher and a licensed psychotherapist for 30 years, Susan Stiffelman has worked with families to create greater harmony and deeper connection between parents and children. Susan also delivers weekly parenting advice for the Huffington Post as their “Parent Coach.” is a unique online platform that speaks to you as individuals about ‘real’ grandparenting issues as well as delivering great resources, human interest pieces and enlightening in-depth information that is relevant for both grandchildren AND grandparents. In addition to expert advice from professionals in a variety of fields such as nutrition, health & well-being, beauty, fashion, cooking, safety, self-care, arts & crafts, psychology, mindfulness, entertainment, sports and education, shares humor, wit, first hand experiences and personal anecdotes.

Filled with first hand personal comments, introductions and overviews by creators Leslie Zinberg and Kay Ziplow, the easy to read content covers a variety of topics and fun features such as:

– “Do I remember how to take care of a new baby?”

– “What are the latest and best products, books and educational toys for grandparents to have in their home?”

– “The best beauty products for the over 50 crowd.”

– “Why do I have a black hair on my chin?”

To register for the event and receive A FREE subscription to which offers thoughtful insight and valuable advice on how to be a better grandparent by engaging in issues and challenges that we face with our grandchildren and our families, please CLICK HERE ⇨ GRANDparenting


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