Abo Profi Offers The Latest Advice And Guidance On Swiss Telecommunications Packages

Abo Profi aims to provide the latest and best advice on securing the best deal on mobile phones, broadband, landlines, and satellite and cable TV packages.

— Switzerland is one of the most affluent and therefore expensive countries in the world, known worldwide for its banking, watches and chocolate. However, this does put a great deal of pressure on citizens to get the best deals wherever they can to save money. The information available to Swiss citizens on their telecommunications and entertainment packages is for the most part dominated by the providers themselves, and very little independent credible advice exists in Swiss German. However, a new site, Abo Profi (Subscription Professionals) has launched to give high quality impartial advice on mobile phone, home broadband and entertainment providers to give Swiss people the best chance at getting the best deal.

Pages on the latest free mobile options (Handy mit Abo in German) and Swiss National Telephone subscriptions (Schweizer Natel Abos in German) have proven extremely popular with readers because they answer the questions most are asking- how to get the best deals in these particular fields.

The website regularly updates with new information and publicizes deals and offers that may only exist in the short term and must be seized by individuals within a short time to ensure a special deal. Abo Profi also offers more general strategic advice for bargain hunting and negotiating to help readers get the best out of customer service.

A spokesperson for explained, “Increasingly the way to get the most competitive deals is to bundle subscriptions together and use a single provider for mobile phones and home entertainment packages, saving significantly on getting both from different providers. However, the priorities of the individual will define which of these packages is best for them, as some have better channels, some better broadband speeds, some better mobile coverage and so on. That’s why we still have so much work to do in providing the most complete resources possible.”

Subscription Professional (Abo Profi in German) offer professional knowledge and comparisons for all mobile subscriptions and subscription packages in Switzerland. The information given by the company includes mobile phones, broadband and cable, television packages and amalgamated packages to deliver the best deals to everyone reading the site. The site is regularly updated as providers seek to offer more competitive rates and offers.

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