A Soothing Comfort to Any Living Space: The Himalayan Hand Carved Salt Lamp

A relatively new trend in home decor as an addition of a Himalayan Salt Lamp to offices, bedrooms, and living rooms has been offered by Useful Innovation.

A relatively new trend in home decor is the addition of a Himalayan Salt Lamp to offices, bedrooms, and living rooms. The glow of the light has calming properties and exudes negative ions into the atmosphere, which is said to have benefits to allergy sufferers and improve the air quality of the room. Available on Amazon at

The Himalayan Salt Lamp is hand carved into a double heart shape, the perfect gift for a friend, family member or spouse. Each lamp has a unique and different amber-hued color and texture. The crystal rock salt is extracted from the base of the Himalayan Mountains. Once the shape is carved, then a hole is drilled into the base for the light fitting, and it is mounted on an attractive Neem wood base. A solid base is important, as the rock salt is quite heavy and must be securely attached.

Fitted with a dimmer switch, there are several settings for the lamp’s brightness. The higher settings are shown to improve mood, reduce stress, and help with sleep. As the salt in the lamp is heated, negative ions attract the dust, water vapor, and particles in the air. They collect onto the lamp and stay there, so the air is basically cleaning itself (in a small area) when the lamp is on.

Most modern lamps emit a high spectrum blue light, which can change melatonin levels and affect sleeping patterns. The Himalayan Salt Lamp radiates a calming and soothing yellow light that will not interfere with one’s sleep. The lamp may also help with the everyday high exposure to electromagnetic radiation, which is the radiation from all electronic devices such as televisions, computers, appliances, and smart phones. Increased electromagnetic radiation can heighten stress and irritability, interrupt sleep patterns, and in general make a person feel ill. The negative ions emanating from the Himalayan Salt Lamp counteract this radiation. More information at

An elegant and relaxing addition to any space, the Himalayan Salt Lamp is an important purchase for the homeowner, yoga instructor, or office worker. Available on Amazon at

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