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A private and secure Internet will become a reality: Deeper Network and Harmony, two solid blockchain projects announce alliance

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The Deeper Network team is glad to announce a partnership with Harmony (currently listed on Binance).

— The Deeper Network team ( is glad to announce a partnership with Harmony (currently listed on Binance). Harmony ( is a project with a very solid tech team, aiming to offer a high-throughput, low-latency, and low-fee consensus platform designed to power decentralized economies of the future.

As for us, Deeper Network, we are creating the world’s first blockchain-powered hardware firewall, which we have named Deeper Connect. With our solution, we promise to provide true Internet freedom for everyone with enhanced security.

We all people know that the Internet was meant to be an open portal of knowledge and information, with everyone around the world being able to freely and fearlessly access its content. Unfortunately, this is not the scenario today. Data suppression, censorship, fraud and other such unethical and illegal activities have been growing at an alarming rate over the last few years.

Countries around the world today are increasingly trying to control the content that their citizens can access over the Internet. The rationale behind such government-approved internet censorship ranges from religious reasons to political motives. As an Internet user you will be amazed at the extent of this surveillance and the deep of its intrusiveness. The United Nations Human Rights Council actually passed a resolution in 2016, declaring that online freedom was a basic human right that must be protected.

On top of that, Hackers have always been trying to steal user data for financial gain. With advance in hacking technology, hackers have been employing different innovative techniques to compromise personal data stored on computers, mobiles and other data storage devices connected to the internet. And the situation will only get worse. In fact, estimates suggest that cybercrime will result is financial losses to the tune of $6 trillion annually by 2021.

Deeper Network’s hardware solution (Deeper Connect) is the world’s first device which combines blockchain technology with network security and an online sharing economy. They have named this service protocol as Secure Shared Service (SSS). Deeper Connect has been designed to be a simple plug-and-play device with zero configuration, so that non-technical users can easily install it in their homes, offices, and other places.

Through SSS, Deeper implements three fundamental features:
First is Internet Security - Deeper Connect adds a secure gateway between the user’s terminal and the external Internet, which can protect the user’s PCs, smartphones, laptops, and a wide range of IoT devices from any online attack.
Second isopen Access to Internet - Deeper uses decentralized node discovery technologies to allow anyone anywhere to access content freely on the Internet, without the fear of any sort of trackers or surveillance posed by government authorities or ISPs. That is an Internet without censorship or surveillance.
And finally, adecentralized Sharing Economy - Deeper plans to launch a smart contract blockchain platform, which will allow participants to earn profit by sharing network resources and mining.

For about three years our team has been working diligently on the creation of a device capable of providing a completely secure, private, and shareable internet connection. We are currently in development of a smart contract technology that would allow users around the world to share internet bandwidth in a completely decentralized way. As Deeper Connect understands that scalability represents one of the largest boundaries in blockchain technology, we seek to obtain a high speed, scalable chain solution to support our smart contract needs. We believe Harmony is that solution. A collaborative effort between Deeper Connect and Harmony will allow us together to deliver what the world has been waiting for: a private, secure, and scalable Internet for the people.

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