A New Multi-Purpose Yoga Strap By CleverYoga Helps With Difficult Poses

05 January, 2015

A multi-purpose yoga strap by an innovative family owned and perated company promises to help with difficult poses, increase flexibility and assist with physical rehabilitation

TAMPA, Florida, January 5, 2015 – CleverYoga, a small family owned and operated business based in Tampa, FL, has announced the release of their new multi-purpose yoga strap that can be used for yoga, flexibility exercises and even physical rehabilitation. The yoga strap is made of durable cotton toensure product reliability over its lifetime.

“There are 3 main reasons people use our yogastraps”, said Ellie Teng, the owner and CEO of CleverYoga. “The first is when people are having trouble holding a yoga pose or “connecting” the appropriate limbs. Second is to increase the flexibility, when you use the yoga strap to bridge the gaps to make the progress easier. And the third is physical rehabilitation.”

The company takes the durability and reliability of their product very seriously, as evidenced by their lifetime product warranty.CleverYoga calls it the “Namaste” Lifetime warranty and is prepared to replace, free of charge, any of their yoga straps in case there’s a problem.

CleverYoga has also informed that they are prepared to promptly and personally answer any questions and deal with any problems the customers might have. The company’s policy is to have one of the owners personally read and respond to any inquiries.

About CleverYoga

CleverYoga is an innovative family owned and operated company based in Tampa, FL that places high value on reliable products that help make a difference in customers’ lives. They combine meticulous market research with strict quality control and testing to create high quality products.

Recently, the company has launched an online store using the largest online retailer, Amazon, as their platform. CleverYoga’s online store can be found at Amazon.

Established in 2014, CleverYoga is determined to become known for reliable, high quality yoga equipment, as well as excellent customer care.

CleverYoga on Amazon: CleverYoga

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