Why More and More People

Distribute Press Release With Us?

We've been getting a lot of love since our first inception in the December of 2012. It's almost been a year, and we are proud & happy to introduce you a whole new MarketersMedia with our extended press release distribution.
Many prefer us to the others, but what exactly makes us any different from the others? This is what:

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Extend Your Reach

 on Both Traditional and New Media

Some newswires send you to the traditional media, others put you on the new media. Why limit your reach? People love us because we bring you BOTH. Get your release on the traditional national circuits that reach print, magazines and newspapers and distribute your release for online placements at the same time. We bring you best of both worlds for the price of one.

extend your reach

Drive More Traffic

 to Your Website

One of our customers enjoyed over 20K views to his press release, while others do it in the thousands and hundreds. Imagine the impact, the buzz created and the traffic that comes along when your release appears on TV, radio, broadcast stations, Yahoo! News, ABC, FOX and hundreds of other branded media outlets. We drive real audience to your release, bringing you real results.

Reaching The Source

 of All News

Your press release will reach the most important endpoints: The news information systems. Places like Dow Jones' owned Factiva, Comtex, AP Exchange and LexisNexis are information systems journalists subscribe to break news, pickup content and make reference. Some find their releases referenced again and again even after it has been published for a while. Make your release do it’s job.


Huge & Extensive

 Distribution Report

Now you get to know your reach. Our distribution report is one of the longest in the Industry, bringing you more than 300+ sites receiving your release along with web clips that you will be happy about! Our Agency users delight their clients with the report. Source Partners love the tracking XML. Get ready to feel the difference.

A Smaller Price Tag

 for Frequent Senders

We honestly think this is the most important reason why more and more people use our service. If you send press releases regularly, we have an unprecedented, unmatched low pricing for you. This not only lowers your cost, but also allows you to send more releases more frequently, which means better traction and consistent impact for your business.

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