5 Little Known Facts About 187 Year Old French Prayer For Worry, Stress and Fear

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The Mary Prayer project has released 5 previously unknown facts about this amazing prayer for worry, stress, anxiety and fear. Further information can be found at https://www.themaryprayer.com.

The Mary Prayer Project has today released 5 little known facts about this best selling online home study prayer program for worry, stress, anxiety and fear, available at their website TheMaryPrayer.com which anyone looking for help with these conditions will find particularly interesting.

The 5 items include nuggets such as how:

How the idea for creating The Mary Prayer came about as the publishers had received a lot of inquiries about what prayers work best, and after researching this found that this 187 year old little French prayer had literally miraculous results for many, many people.

Their research team had been developing home study and accelerated learning programs for many years but when working on this project felt that it was something that was bigger than anything they had seen before. As Shakespeare said “There are more things in Heaven and Earth… Than are dreamt of in (our) philosophy”.

When looking for ways to genuinely get help with worry, fear, anxiety and stress, there is very little to compare with the power and simplicity of this little prayer, especially when combined the Miraculous Medallion. This goes to show that even with simple beginnings, amazing things can happen.

The project to develop this prayer for uncertainty almost didn’t see the light of day as many industry and media professionals were of the opinion that people had turned away from prayer, possibly because of all the bad news about TV evangelists. This problem was overcome by asking people directly and the positive response was overwhelming.

The Mary Prayer project got its start when the research team at London & Saint Publishing noticed a growing need for people looking for a simple, proven and tested way to get help from worry, stress, fear and uncertainty. The publisher had many years developing home study and accelerated learning programs in the self help industry. After getting positive feedback from early test groups they decided to record the prayer as an online home study accelerated learning program and mp3 audio in late 2016.

The Mary Prayer project has been available as a home study course for over 2 years, but originally started in 1830 in Paris, France where Mary appeared in a vision to a young woman and gave her very specific instructions on how to make a small necklace medallion (The Miraculous Medallion), which people have been using all over the world ever since with amazing results.

To celebrate the anniversary of the project the publishers are giving away an extra free Miraculous Medallion as part pf the package, which also includes free delivery worldwide.

To find out more about how this prayer can help with worry,fear, stress and uncertainty, it’s possible to visit https://www.themaryprayer.com/the-1-prayer-for-worry-stress-fear-and-anxiety.html

For more facts and further information about The Mary Prayer, this can be discovered at https://www.themaryprayer.com

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