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Last week, AIG's flagship product, Uplive, was awarded the “Most Successful Overseas Business Award” by 36kr Tech Media. Uplive is the most successful live-streaming app outside mainland China.

In a report published by the prestigious 36kr tech media – the Chinese equivalent of TechCrunch- regarding Chinese companies that have managed to dominate overseas markets, AIG’s flagship product Uplive was featured as the most successful live-streaming app outside of mainland China. The study revealed the essential elements for the sustainable success of live-streaming apps.

Many Chinese companies have tried to follow in AIG’s footsteps. Most were unable to gain a foothold in the overseas market because they could not adapt to local demands. Uplive has differentiated itself by creating a unique model of decentralised operations. All Uplive offices worldwide share the same spirit of professionalism and high performance. None are tied to a concrete set of procedures regarding content. Each Uplive region operates independently. If you live in Kuwait, Uplive content is produced by your fellow Kuwaitis.

This unique business model is based on the appreciation of all cultures. It garners its success from the strength of its diverse audience. Uplive’s growing success has placed them at the forefront as the role model for Chinese companies looking to expand overseas. They were joined by fellow Chinese tech giants, Alibaba, Tencent and BytDance, to celebrate their recent award “Most Successful Overseas Business Award” presented to them by 36Kr tech media. The report, established Uplive as the Chinese leader in overseas live-streaming apps.

Excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, the report demonstrated that the number one mainland Chinese streaming platform with significant overseas presence is Uplive, covering the main live-streaming regions, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Middle East, India, and Indonesia, followed by other main players including Kitty Live, by NewBornTown, Nonolive, by Ali and Mogo Live from YY to name a few.The report states that the main characteristics of overseas streaming platforms are:

1.Localised Content- localised operators handle content interaction and content creation guidance, which enhances user stickiness through PGC or PUGC users.

2.Innovative Profit Models – virtual gifting and various forms of advertising increase profitability, combining to profit models.

3.Industry Defining Features- several Chinese live streaming platforms are implementing short videos functionality, while various live streaming + formats have increasingly matured;

4. Rapid Technological Growth- CDN technology breakthroughs have decreased data pricing.

It is highly recommended that Chinese live-streaming platforms have domestic stability before looking to expand overseas. Small businesses are at greater risk of failure it they expand overseas prematurely. Current markets’ BAT layouts for overseas industries mainly choose to invest in local enterprises rather than taking the initiative to start a new overseas business.

The application of technologies on live streams such as Blockchain and live translation is Uplive’s unique advantage

Uplive is a global live-streaming app based in China. An Asia Innovations Group Co., Ltd(AIG) product, it is one of the global leaders of overseas live-streaming platforms. Uplive’s product features differentiate from its competitors with gamified and social live-streaming and the Gifto token, a mass-market blockchain project. In addition, multi-lingual live translation tears down barriers of space and language, assisting global users to reduce communication barriers.

Gifto, a blockchain entertainment ecosystem, represents a fusion of Uplive and blockchain technology. It has removed the geographical boundaries of traditional gifting and reduced credit card fraud through its global gifting model. Users no long have to deal with the hassle of exchanging multiple currencies, allowing for a high-degree of cross-regional gifting. Being able to send virtual gifts regardless of the geographical location enhances the bond between users. Gifto has been deeply integrated into Uplive, garnering the token over 1 million users. The game streaming function, developed within the app, also provides an important content supplement for Uplive users. The gaming experience is enhanced through watching live streams and playing games simultaneously.

Uplive’s localised technical team enhancing its products’ popularity among local users

Uplive cooperated with Google to design its live translation functionality for multiple languages. The technology can convert a host’s speech into a viewer’s native language through subtitles. User comments can also be translated into a host’s native language. Live translation opens up communication, facilitating cross-regional gifting and increasing platform profitability.

Uplive was launched in June 2016 and has 14 offices abroad. Currently, it operates in five main global live-streaming markets, covering including Greater China, East Asia / Southeast Asia, Middle East and North Africa, India, the United States, etc.

Uplive has a technical team of 200 engineers, hailing from Internet companies such as Google, Tencent, Baidu, and Alibaba. In addition, Uplive employs a team of former Baidu and Hao 123 engineers from the Middle East and North Africa. This expertise allows product content to be designed to conform to domestic tastes and culture, attracting local users and hosts, resulting in global market expansion through localised considerations.

Uplive’s profit model includes gifts, games and advertising. User’s diversion pathways are also diversified

Moderation and public opinion are factors that have significant impact on the live-streaming platforms in different countries. Uplive’s backend has a complete set of video recognition + manual identification moderation tools. Uplive has established an operation centre in Hunan and has set up backend video monitoring tools in order to identify inappropriate and illegal audio and video such as porn, ending streams within 5 seconds if necessary.

Uplive’s revenue has been growing steadily, including 3 main revenue streams:

1. Virtual Gifting

2. Third-party content during videogame livestreams. This is considered an additional profit direction;

3. Advertisement revenue including brand adverts, screen adverts, banner placement adverts, endorsement through hosts etc.

Uplive currently has more than 40 million registered users, with a monthly income of 10 million. The amount of hosts broadcasting daily exceeds 20,000 and the average time a user spends online is over 30 minutes. Revenue shares are flexible and divided into 50%-60% of the total revenue according to the international and regional differences. Contracted hosts receive a base salary plus commission. In order to reduce the cost of attracting potential consumers, Uplive advertises on multiple channels, such as Facebook, Google, App Stores, local operators etc.

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