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US Powerball Lottery Hits Jackpot Of 173 Million Dollars Reports ThePowerBall.net

ThePowerball.net reports that the US Powerball Lottery has reached an astounding jackpot of 173 million dollars for the 31st May draw.

— The US Powerball Lottery has now reached a huge jackpot of 173 million dollars, a life changing sum of money that must be won. Unsurprisingly, people are rushing to buy tickets for the massive jackpot, but those buying tickets don’t even necessarily reside in the US. Thanks to services like ThePowerball.net, people from around the world can buy tickets to lotteries from around the world with a single click of the mouse. ThePowerball.net features a rolling countdown on the site so that individuals know when the time to buy a ticket is running out.

The site has been getting a lot of attention lately for providing an easy means to find online lottery tickets giving people a chance to win jackpots from America, Europe, the UK and Australia. Originally serving only Australia, the site has since branched out to include a worldwide user base, and features the top jackpots around the world on the homepage so people can play for the biggest wins available.

The US Powerball currently has the world’s biggest jackpot, worth 127 million Euro, 103 million pounds, or 186 million Australian dollars. ThePowerball.net helps people buy tickets using reputable agents in the country of origin, allowing individuals to view their online ticket and claim the prize should they win.

A spokesperson for ThePowerball.net explained, “The US Powerball is the biggest jackpot in the world right now, and understandably that attracts attention from people around the world. The simple truth is that regardless of country of origin, someone buying a ticket is paying into the same pot from which the prizes are drawn, and is therefore equally entitled to the big prize. Our partners circumvent national limitations to help people have a chance to change their lives permanently, and the lives of their families for generations to come. The site not only offers US Powerball, but EuroMillions and more.”

About ThePowerball.net:
ThePowerball.net provides worldwide lottery news and updates on the biggest jackpots, and enables individuals to play for these jackpots even if they do not live in the lottery’s country of origin. The site is regularly updated with new jackpots and has live rolling countdowns so individuals can always buy a ticket in time.

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