Rain Screen Cladding System Offers Sustainable Option For Structure Exteriors

Insulated Rain Screen Cladding provides sustainable option for exteriors.

— American Fiber Cement (AFC) offers high-quality, high-density compressed fiber cement panels. These high-quality sustainable products contribute to green building projects, which benefit the environment. Their ventilated insulated rain screened cladding system is no exception.

AFC’s cladding products including installation utilizing the rain screen system contribute to seven areas of the LEED credits across several LEED rating systems. In order to be recognized by these rating systems, they must have various sustainable attributes. One of the most important is the system’s durability. Because of its long lifespan, there are no refurbishments required and very little maintenance. Using a ventilated insulated rain screen cladding system means less material replacements and considerably lower maintenance costs over the lifetime of the building or structure.

Typically, the Rain Screen Cladding system is used in conjunction with AFC cladding panels for the exteriors of a structure. It is especially resistant to both mold and moisture build-up, which directly contributes to the quality of the living environment. It also helps insulate the exterior of a building, which helps to address any thermal bridging issues.

Benefits of Using Rain Screens - Perhaps the biggest benefit for the use this system is temperature regulation and it's ability to accommodate for the use of exterior insulation. This will help buildings comply with ASHRAE 90.1 building codes which will require a continuous energy barrier, preventing thermal bridging which causes energy loss and building envelope inefficiency.

The ventilated rainscreen cladding system, on it's own, also helps to cool the building as most of the sun’s rays are reflected away. Additionally, any heat that does in fact pass through the exterior wall dissipates because of the ventilating effect of the air space between the exterior cladding panel and the structural wall itself. Ultimately, any residual heat that does penetrate the building is very minor.

These wall-cladding panels act as a rainscreen and keep the structural wall dry. This is because the air space that connects to the outside air evacuates both water and humidity that may have penetrated behind the panels through the joints. This water will in fact never reach the load bearing walls or any of the thermal insulation. For more information on high-quality reinforced cement building products or ventilated insulated rain screen cladding panels, visit

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With its 25 years of experience, American Fiber Cement manufactures some of the finest high-quality cement products for countless construction sites. AFC specializes in distributing some of the most durable European cement products that can withstand all that nature can throw at it, including all types of climate. American Fiber Cement is the master distributor of these high-quality reinforced cement products in the United States and Canada. AFC is the leader in ventilated rain screen systems.

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