GVL 3 Publishes New Review Of Popular Customized Fat Loss By Kyle Leon

Kyle Leon’s Customized Fat Loss program has been reviewed by GVL 3 to shed light on the program’s effectiveness and potential for those looking to lose weight fast.

— The diet and fitness industries make billions every year from people around the world trying to lose weight and cultivate a healthier, more ideal body. The problem with this is that many suppliers are simply interested in profit rather than a desire to help people achieve real results. GVL 3 helps people tell the difference between scams and the real thing by independently reviewing hot new products. Their latest review exposes the truth about Fat Loss by Kyle Leon, and reveals that the product can be extremely effective for certain body types and attitudes, but not all.

The Fat Loss review ( gives a summary of how its creator Kyle Leon has devised the program and what this means for users, as well as breaking down the advantages and disadvantages. The review finds that while the program is not a scam as some people claim, the amount of specialized information could be overwhelming for beginners to fitness.

The review also includes a broad spectrum of public opinion, drawn from Facebook fan pages ( YouTube testimonials and reviews, as well as high quality before and after pictures with their associated stories. The reviews are designed to give individuals all the information they need to effectively evaluate the product for themselves.

A spokesperson for GVL 3 explained, “We made the decision to review this product after controversy about it became apparent to us- on the one hand the product promised uniquely customizable workout regimes while on the other hand it was being attacked as ineffective. After analysing the product we realized that the criticism was coming from people who didn’t want to dedicate themselves to customizing, testing and optimizing their own program but wanted an umbrella fat burning and fitness solution like Insanity. The product is however extremely effective and perfect for those who find generic workout programs ineffective owning to their own body types and metabolisms.”

About GVL 3:
GVL is a product review and editorial website that is committed to independent reviews of the most popular fitness and nutritional products and supplements. The site regularly updates with new articles on the latest trends of hot new emergences. Their reviews are already trusted and relied upon by thousands of visitors every month.

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